Another journey report.

My broker was no more compatible to the bridge at home so continuous reconnects every second was the result.

Another problem is that I serve non-encrypted mqtt over 8883 what confuses the clients.

(8883 is the default for TLS encrypted connections)

Changing that port is not an option as enough devices in the and at friends homes depend on it.

Updating to the release of mosquitto was the most simple way to fix the first problem (reconnects).

The second problem should be no problem, but the shell clients seem not to allow unencrypted 8883 connections. There are some command line options that should circumvent the problem `--insecure`.
But *protocol error* still occurred.
Related problem 5 years ago :/

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I only depend on mosquitto_sub and pub for live demos and debugging, so the charmful workaround was to register another listener for the default port like
`listener 1883`
`protocol mqtt`

Now I am happy again, my bridge works and all my privacy is gone again. :ablobaww:

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Last thing to say is: In the recent years I began to call the term , because you should really ask the question if it is worth to connect all the things

What this story solved:

I once improved a dollhouse with an old house gong ding-dong bell. Then I added an to trigger it with my not-so-smart doorbell of my real home. It was awesome. But some weeks ago it stopped working, so the solution was, to fix something in a remote datacenter in another country on a virtual server. To make a ding go dong.

That does not seem right. :ablobblastoff:

Thanks for reading :)

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