Crazy numbers

"From January 2023 to June 2023, bots made up nearly 50% of internet traffic, with bad bots making up 30% of traffic. That’s down from 2021 when Barracuda research found that bad bots made up 39% of internet traffic."

Threat Spotlight: How bad bot traffic is changing

"When PlayStation 5 launched in 2020, people quickly realized that it was out of stock everywhere — except with unauthorized resellers who used e-commerce bots to quickly buy up all of the available PS5s and then resell them at a much higher price."

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"Barracuda’s researchers also saw a significant amount of bad bot traffic (33%) coming from residential IP addresses. A lot of this is because bot creators are trying to hide in residential traffic by using someone else’s IP address through proxies to try to bypass IP blocks."

That's why IP based blocklists are only blocking the most stupid attacks.

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Strange the selection of countries.

But those colors are for the sausages 😅🫣

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