Grant Shapps on Sky News accuses unions of being "absolutely intent on causing maximum harm to hardworking people".

I think he needs to look a lot closer to home.

Sick of this gaslighting.
#EnoighIsEnough #ToryCorruption
#ToryCriminals #GTTONow #GTTO

Investigation of the effect of COVID-19 on sperm count, motility, and morphology

#OnThisDay, 28 Nov 1967, PhD student Jocelyn Bell Burnell discovers the existence of pulsars.

Not included in the 1974 Nobel prize for the discovery, Bell received a £3m prize for her work in 2018. She's using it to set up a foundation to improve diversity in STEM.

#WomenInSTEM #Histodons #ScienceHistory

@dchughes52 seeing that quack Oz lose to Fetterman was a truly joyous moment.

In my opinion, criticisms of mastodon being unusable by the general public are over blown.

Nadine Dorries has accidentally created a Matalan account.

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