@perditamcleod Apologies, being MIA due to lack of electricity in the house since mid Dec. Something keeps tripping the switches. Reaching the point of calling in an electrician. Hope 2023 keeping you well.

Grant Shapps on Sky News accuses unions of being "absolutely intent on causing maximum harm to hardworking people".

I think he needs to look a lot closer to home.

Sick of this gaslighting.
#EnoighIsEnough #ToryCorruption
#ToryCriminals #GTTONow #GTTO

Investigation of the effect of COVID-19 on sperm count, motility, and morphology

#OnThisDay, 28 Nov 1967, PhD student Jocelyn Bell Burnell discovers the existence of pulsars.

Not included in the 1974 Nobel prize for the discovery, Bell received a £3m prize for her work in 2018. She's using it to set up a foundation to improve diversity in STEM.

#WomenInSTEM #Histodons #ScienceHistory

@dchughes52 seeing that quack Oz lose to Fetterman was a truly joyous moment.

In my opinion, criticisms of mastodon being unusable by the general public are over blown.

Nadine Dorries has accidentally created a Matalan account.

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