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A tad late for , but I submitted a set of my arthropod Lego designs to @LEGOIdeas!

My set idea "Arthropod Model Organisms" features models for a fruit fly, amphipod crustacean, red flour beetle, and two-spotted cricket.

Vote here:


Here are the promised details of the paper by
in the lab and colleagues. If you are interested in circuits for path integration and their effect on behavior, here is a summary:

Boosts matter. It's how we find each other. There are a lot of tremendously fascinating, cool human beings out here in cyberspace and boosts help us find - and appreciate - each other and that's the whole social media ballgame. Thanks everybody *raises coffee mug* cheers ☕

Hi 👋 Mastodon Science Community! Seems like this is the place to be these days...

I am a developmental affective neuroscientist interested in the biological and social origins of affective states and experiences (aka feelings). My lab works mostly with nonhuman animal models and studies them across their lives (womb-to-tomb) and across levels of analysis (synapses-to-social systems).

I wanted to share this Call for Vision Statements for New Neuroscience Collaborations funded by the Simons Foundation in case someone finds it useful. This is significant funding to tackle risky research ideas. Scientists can be based anywhere in the world. Share with people you know!

More information:

Useful webinar:

Hi all, I'm a spatial cognition postdoctoral researcher and will post about rats (like these), #PlaceCells (yes it's a new hashtag) and other cool things that the #Hippocampus does, as well as random stuff.

If I have bad habits from "that other site", please help me correct them, and as a Mastodon newbie, do send me your tips or tutorials!

PS: do rats need content warning?

Serotonin is such an enigma.

In a fresh paper by the lab of Mark Andermann it is shown that serotonin gates the information flow from retina to thalamus.

Trying to understand the bigger picture, we have recently proposed that serotonin has a central role in digesting information. Our paper w @macshine @DrYohanJohn @claireocallaghan and others can be found here:

If you know any undergrads who might like to work in my lab next summer, I'm accepting applications here:

Hi all, instead of a re- #introduction after moving instances, I'd like to introduce you to my graduate student Peter Salvino, who passed away under tragic circumstances last week.

Because of his way too early passing, most of you didn't get to know him. So I wanted to make sure my #neuroscience community knows how brilliant and kind a scientist he was. Peter wore many hats in the lab. Being my very first student, he built with me, and knew the ins and outs of every bit of hardware and software. He was also a masterful engineer and inventor, and had a keen scientific mind. He knew what the big questions in the field were and was completely fearless in going after them. We will slowly publish all his great contributions, so you will read his name again.

Most importantly, he was so generous to his lab mates. He helped every single person in the lab, with such selflessness and genuine humbleness. He was really loved by all of us. This is such a huge loss to our field. He was destined to greatness.

Peter's family has set up a GoFundMe campaign to help support research similar to his at Northwestern. They welcome any contributions to honor the memory of this amazing human being.

IMHO the most complete and remarkable site for #womeninscience #womeninSTEM. 1432 portraits !

An extraordinary source of information. Only in spanish but very easy to browse and understand with an online translator (such as DeepL translate)

Such a beauty 🤩 Looking at one of the earliest #Zeiss microscopes 🔬 with #ErnstAbbe’s equation stating the #diffractionlimit in the background at the Museum of #Optics in Oberkochen - It is always fascinating to learn about the history of #science & #technology - #superresolution #microscopy #photonics 👉

Going forward, #DeepLabCut updates will come via medium (and GitHub of course), but not the bird. This is sad, as the science Twitter community, I believe, was so important in getting out the word early on our very first code release and paper. But, it’s not okay anymore 💔…

📣🚨To get the latest updates on our code releases going forward, please see our medium blog and all resources linked on our homepage: - take care #deeplabcutters 🙏🏼💜

Make note that while we are in the process of building a Black community on Mastodon, if it ever becomes sustained it's not going to be because it happened naturally, it's going to be because we fought for it.

This morning three #chimpanzees from Furuvik Zoo escaped, which triggered a massive man(chimp)hunt, resulting in the three chimps being shot to death. In the ensuing chaos, a fourth chimp managed to escape, which after a long search was also killed. During all this, a fifth chimp also managed to escape! 🤯 Luckily, the fifth chimp returned to its cage/prison. We really should not keep animals in zoos, in particular not advanced primates.

Stages of getting into a new research thing

1. No one has thought of this
2. Oh, some people have, but it’s not exactly the same
3. Oh, it’s exactly the same
4. OMG, everyone already knows about this, but they all call it something different

What's up with the crow?

Like us, crows are highly intelligent ecological generalists that make a living not by executing simple fixed action patterns, but rather by learning about their environments and figuring out how to exploit them.

This bird has discovered that a metal bracket on a railing is precisely the right size and shape to hold a mussel while cracking it open.

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How cool is that: a study on how fungal parasites take over the brain of the fruit fly #Drosophila.The authors report that the invasion of the brain by the fungus, breaking the blood-brain barrier, enables the summiting behaviour, triggered by factors in the hemolymph, and experimentally test this.

And we get to comment before the Americans wake up!

#entomology meets #fungi #parasites to make #zombies

This is a fun* website that gives you context for any flights you are planning to take.

*fun as in good product design, not that it will make you feel good to use...

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