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NEW: In @ScienceMagazine today, our latest peer-reviewed research shows Exxon scientists predicted global warming with shocking skill & accuracy between 1977 & 2003, contradicting the company's decades of climate denial. THREAD.

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I’ve made this video as an intuition pump for the density of in the . This volume ~ grain of sand, has >3.2 million synapses (orange cubes). Peeling them away leaves only inputs on 2 . Zooming in, we see the synapses localized to the dendritic spines.

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A tad late for , but I submitted a set of my arthropod Lego designs to @LEGOIdeas!

My set idea "Arthropod Model Organisms" features models for a fruit fly, amphipod crustacean, red flour beetle, and two-spotted cricket.

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