It's an unspoken fact that freely moving lab mice are not really freely moving. We came up with a method to change this. See the preprint: (1/3)

Go read this now — when they rediscover it in mammals in three years and it makes the news you’ll feel so ahead-of-the-curve.

From: @scottishwaddell

We're tootin' mad and we're not gonna take it anymore! Never imagined this would be my first post on Mastodon:

The entire editorial team at #NeuroImage, including myself, resigned today after #Elsevier refused to negotiate on their absurdly high publishing fees.

Are you *IN* with us? Authors, reviewers, and readers – please follow us to #ImagingNeuroscience!

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My first paper from PhD is out! We discovered that visual feedback neurons can modulate male courtship behavior through Atg8a in flies🪰!! And fly Atg8a is a homolog of mammalian GABARAP!!!

Yapici lab 🖨️🔥 off the press!!
The story of novel visual feedback neurons make sure that males flies court nice n’ steady 😎

Kudos to the awe-inspiring twitterless first-author Yuta, and Nilay (also twitterless now!) & to @XinyueCui , @HaeinKim6🎉🎉

Yapici lab 🖨️🔥 off the press!!
The story of novel visual feedback neurons make sure that males flies court nice n’ steady 😎

Kudos to the awe-inspiring twitterless first-author Yuta, and Nilay (also twitterless now!) & to @XinyueCui , @HaeinKim6🎉🎉

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New preprint from the lab in collaboration with the Palmiter lab and Zweifel lab at UW! We developed two novel genetically encoded tools: Neuropeptide release sensor & silencer that works from PRESYNAPTIC TERMINALS in behaving mice. 1/5

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Functional gene delivery to and across brain vasculature of systemic AAVs with endothelial-specific tropism in rodents and broad tropism in primates read details (vasculature as biofactory, serotype switching) in thread from the first author @xinhong_chen

Krishna Shenoy (@shenoystanford) has passed -- he was a model scientist, teacher, colleague, and friend who will be missed dearly at #Stanford and beyond. He accomplished more during his short time than most could over several is just a taste of his amazing contribution to neural prosthetics:

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PRE-PRINT OUT!! In this collaborative project with @mantri_madhav @KurpiosLab @IwijnDeVlaminck we find out how muscles are formed, assembled and regenerated in the villus to enable fat absorption in the mammalian intestine!

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How does the brain organize spontaneous behavior? Our latest (from the amazing @vulcnethologist @GillisDub @neurojaym), reveals a surprising role for dopamine as a teaching signal during free exploration, even without an explicit task or exogenous reward.

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Caste diversity in India’s elite research institutes

@Ankur_pali's data collection efforts shows that the field is not equal at any stage and privileged groups still dominate in all fields of higher education


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NEW: In @ScienceMagazine today, our latest peer-reviewed research shows Exxon scientists predicted global warming with shocking skill & accuracy between 1977 & 2003, contradicting the company's decades of climate denial. THREAD.

📰No pay wall for 2 weeks:

1/n Happy to finally get out into the world work we initiated at the thick of the pandemic, with postdocs @MosaleSumanth & Yi Liu, culturing CD34+ derived megakaryocyte & platelet fractions from #MPN patient specimens (marrow & platelet/whole blood) and healthy donor controls.


Very excited to represent ctenophores (comb jellies) at the Neuro-Evo conference "A Comparative Approach to Cracking Circuit Function III" @HHMIJanelia in May 2023.

Join us and apply:

Looking for neural data to analyze? You can find our electrophysiology and imaging data sets (+code/methods) on our lab website! Thousands of neurons, mostly from medial entorhinal cortex and hippocampus, recorded/imaged in behaving mice

Hey #Drosophilists, apparently, there are still slots available for the Crete Workshop on Neural Circuits and Behavior of Drosophila. I was lucky-enough to get to attend that workshop a while back, and it was truly amazing. Heavily recommend applying:

New instance, new #introduction! I'm a PhD student at UMich studying how we make sense of sound. I use patch-clamp #electrophysiology in #brain slices and awake mouse brains, where I investigate everything from receptors on individual #neurons to population level encoding of complex #sounds. I want to make science more diverse, accessible, and impactful for everyone. 👂​🔈​🧠​🔬​

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I’ve made this video as an intuition pump for the density of in the . This volume ~ grain of sand, has >3.2 million synapses (orange cubes). Peeling them away leaves only inputs on 2 . Zooming in, we see the synapses localized to the dendritic spines.

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