Good lord i remember how bad my physics score in highschool.
I hated it since the first day they taught me about vector, i can’t understand a single fricking thing about it.
I still am. (not literally, since it’s pretty much the same as geometry with some “fancy” stuff added, the thing that i definitely still remember about vector in physics is that my teacher would reject my answer just because i never put this stuff
{overrightarrow {AB}} = results
on the end line of my answer. I mean if i already put it on the first line it would mean it’s the same case from the header - footer. maybe it’s just my physics teacher being a bit of a “that guy” since my math teacher would accept my answer as long as i could explain to him how i got it, he would often tell me to switch with him too when he’s just too busy grading our homework. idk, maybe it’s just me being a bit of a c*nt because of how different their teaching methods.)

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