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Am i overthinking it?
Will this help our current research?
I’m being unproductive.
Help :blobcatverysad:

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Further note.
i agree, you will age slower. But that doesn’t mean you can travel back in time. You just experience time differently because of every atom in your body and your environtment (that were moving relative to something) need to travel further distance.

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The whole “time travel” and “time dilation” when basing it on einstein general relativity are such a bs concept from my perspective ngl.
For what i know, the concept of so called “time” is that they were invented by “us”, and we did the measurements based on the action done by an object we’re observing.
Like when we decide in older times that a day = a night and a day,
As our measurements progress, we now decide that an atomic clock is our most “precise” measurements of time.
Note the “precise”.
if the time itself is human relative.
And it will slows down when we move arround (look up “photon clock” and “einstein time dilation theory” for more detailed information.)
When in “reality” the “actual time” does not and hoping you can travel back in time using black hole as a medium or some whacky ideas is just sad.

Further note. Try not to think that reality (gravity, matter, etc) exist as in a “fabric”, that’s how most physicians told you when they themself knows that the word “fabric” are going to make a lot of missunderstanding (fabric = 2d? Get it?).
Gravitational force is 3d, that’s why it will catch anything regardless of your relative position (up, down, left, right).

I’m open for someone to lecture me on this concept.

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> The number of custom emojis you use is correllated with how degenerate you are
- @manton
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Good lord i remember how bad my physics score in highschool.
I hated it since the first day they taught me about vector, i can’t understand a single fricking thing about it.
I still am. (not literally, since it’s pretty much the same as geometry with some “fancy” stuff added, the thing that i definitely still remember about vector in physics is that my teacher would reject my answer just because i never put this stuff
{overrightarrow {AB}} = results
on the end line of my answer. I mean if i already put it on the first line it would mean it’s the same case from the header - footer. maybe it’s just my physics teacher being a bit of a “that guy” since my math teacher would accept my answer as long as i could explain to him how i got it, he would often tell me to switch with him too when he’s just too busy grading our homework. idk, maybe it’s just me being a bit of a c*nt because of how different their teaching methods.)

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6 x 9 + 6 + 9 = 69
Coincidence? I think not

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MAPs are *insert your best insults here*. 

Some people deserve being criticized, and some others aren’t.
In case of “MAP” and their “MAPs pride” or “MAPs positivity”, they doesn’t deserve your critics.
Just mock them for how “brain-dead” they are. :)

If you’re looking on how to mock them.
This video would provide some dope insults for you to make use of.

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Currently stuck with what “app” means in webdev context.
I sign up for some webdev course and bought some webdev related books and all of them mentions “app”.
I mean in literal context, an app is just a piece code that would get called later if needed right? Am i missing something?
Like if i built a simple calculator using cpp and saved it. The file would be called an app right?
And also.
What’s the difference between library and an app?
Could someone dumb it down for me please?
Thanks in advance!

For anyone who interested in web development.
Just recently unlock all of their course for free until April 25th.
:ablobcatreachreverse: :ablobcatreach:

MAPs β‰  Caring for younglings.
Sexual tendencies β‰  Survival traits

So next time you see someone claiming themself to be a MAP.
Do them a favor and ask them.

“are you sure you felt sexual? Or you just feel like they are powerless and you need to take care of them?”

Then say.

“If it’s case 2 you’re very normal, it’s a natural trait that comes from the need to survive. You shouldn’t self identified yourself as a MAP since you aren’t one and you shouldn’t promote this group of people.”
“If it’s case 1, go seek help you weirdo!”

Deep sympathy and condolences for every crewman family that abroad this submarine.
May fortune be with them and they would come back unharmed to their own family.

Most of the people who submits or commenting on the issue doesn’t even hold a positions like a “maintainer” or even an author of certain projects.
(Yes. I used the “you have no power to criticize me because you aren’t competent enough to do that” argument.)

They Literally just bunch of reddit crybabies who just wanna jumps on the hot drama train.

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Just checked this repo and read the paper about “open source insecurities”
It’s a nice read.
But the issue tab are cringe af.

Another note to myself.
In case of

ssh -T user@host

Outputs this type of error.
(Most likely because you forgot to “ssh-add /path_to_your_key”)

Permission denied (publickey).

Delete “config” and “known_host” file from ~/.ssh directory (your default key location)

And if “ssh-add” outputs this error.

Could not open a connection to your authentication agent.

Execute this command

eval “$(ssh-agent)”

Then again. Re-add your key by

ssh-add /path_to_your_key

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note for myself.
I can run local http server with.


install “http-server” from using yarn.
Run “http-server”


php -S addr:port


python -m http.server

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