@thegibson @fnn My kids are using Instagram. That needs to change, not the process is difficult.

@loke @thegibson @fnn for my part, I'm working on a fediverse app that adds social groups functionality across fedi platforms over at @GuppeGroups



That is something that is very much neeeded, Will - I am glad to have seen your post and not trying out GuppeGroups.

We can't grow without having a way to organize information in some kind of group structure, I had made a post with some thoughts earlier today and this was one of them. Hashtags are not the solution.

Thank you for the project, I will try it and spread the word at our instance. I think it's VERY useful.

@loke @thegibson @fnn

Thanks! You handle... Are you a designer? There are many design questions still to be answered about how to interact with groups in the fediverse

@datatitian You are very welcome, thank you for developing something that is much needed. 😄

I made a long thread of posts, after playing with @GuppeGroups briefly.

Wanted to make sure I understood it, so that I could explain it to other people.

I think I got it - here is the thread, complete with lots of explanations and screenshots.


I was an Architect, and later became a technology teacher at the high schools level. Now I am retired, and discoverign the fediverse was a nice thing to keep me busy and active thru the Winter. 😉

If I can help in any way, please let me know. Thanks, the software works well!

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