I just came across a post by someone who spouses De-Federation of QOTO.org -- and has simply posted a snapshot of one of our pages, without a word, to support their case.

I stumbled upon a reply in that thread by sheer accident, in the Home feeds.

If anyone is interested, it is here : radical.town/@DissidentKitty/1

The post is Pinned at the top of DissidentKitty's user profile.

A number of users are posting supporting her views, a few disagree.

@DissidentKitty@radical.town is the author of the request.

@anarchiv @DissidentKitty@radical.town
Is that a problem?

When someone comes out attacking our home instance, a project we believe and work hard for, with a screenshot and a series of one liners on mobile phone, probably?

Expect a reply, I would imagine.

@design_RG @DissidentKitty
I'm seeing many, many people criticising qoto right now. I would suggest accepting that criticism and trying to rethink what you're doing.


I would like to see more of them, maybe you can find and DM me some links later?

We have had great conversations in the Federated feeds, and your story telling has inspired me, as you know.

I am also present in different instances, including Todon which is aligned with my personal political beliefs.

I am willing to listen and learn, but what I have seen in this thread is simply poorly done mud-slinging.


@design_RG i'm certain you are more than willing and able to find them yourself. @DissidentKitty


Ok, thank you. I will look if I can't think of something more productive to do than see what the riff raff scuttle butt is all about. LOL... 😜




Brings memories of sysops battling it our on our local FidoNet network!!

Time goes on, humanity continues.

Fediverse is indeed quite similar to the wonderful pioneer that Fidonet was. Way before internet was accessible to the masses.


@design_RG as a part of the unthinking masses, I don't know what that is.

@anarchiv Fidonet? it was a network formed by independant system operators (sysops for short) in the days of BBSes (Bulletin Borad Systems) being the only computers you could reach and connect to from home.

We only had dial up lines, but it was amazing to dial up and connect to a place with information, software for download, online games. All of this for free in most cases.

People operated those as a hobby, all of them loved computing. It attracted similar people, which is how I joined. 1992.

@anarchiv I will write a blog post or more about it soon, there's so many good stories and similarities to the Fediverse. It felt immediately similar when I joined here.

Even the brawling with other sysops, which we didn't like, we did that as well, lol.

Great fun to be had, lots of coffee was consumed, talks went late into the night.

The network was worldwide, and sent international mail via phone calls. Data lines? not available at the time.

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