Thanks for the link @Bells

Beautiful photos. Nice to see different looks, and how feminine and attractive women can be without sticking to the usual big breast, etc main stream model.


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@design_RG @rgx I feel that most men want women to do everything possible to separate themselves from looking anything like men, bc alot of men are afraid of anything homoerotic. All humans are beautiful, and women are not required to be feminine, nor are men required to be masculine.

I just wish people would stop fetishizing other humans. It is so demeaning.

@Bells @design_RG @rgx Dude what?

I don't care what women do, but I'm attracted to femininity, end of story. Nothing homoerotic about it, I'm into feminine women.

@Bells I found the photos very artistic, and the ladies attractive. In a nice way, without the lewdness that is so blatant in some media.

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