Some users in already know about how good and fast the Pinafore client is.

A web hosted, static site -- you load the site and login, it authorizes with your instance, which requests your permission.

Besides being Light and Fast, Pinafore is smooth running, has a lot of colour options, supports Multiple Instances with easy switching between one and the next. Couple clicks, you are into the other account, using it's colours, etc.

Better than one Pinafore ? Just two maybe?


* You CAN run more than one instance of Pinafore. Not by opening another tab into the same website :

the default is

* BUT -- if you know of another site hosting a copy of Pinafore, you CAN open that one. It will be a new account, it doesn't know of any of your already stored credentials or preferences.

* but now you can keep them running with one instance in one tab, a diff one on another tab.


Alternative Pinafore instances :




Beta Development instance :


Never met Pinafore, want more info?

Author's Blog :

* Suggestions, comments, requests? @pinafore

And it Supports Pleroma Nodes as well!!

Thanks Nolan, great work! 🙂

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