30 Days Notice....

Banned for Markdown Love, and getting it.

Various places offer it, right now.

Moving, it's not a Rent unpaid issue, just general dissatisfaction with Mastodon's lack of features, slow evolution. etc.

4 Me too.

on the move.

Not leaving yet, but giving serious notice.

30 days, and after that the bulk of my work will be elsewhere.

I have already moved all my Publishing to GlitchSocial, for sheer annoyance with vanilla Mastodon.

Freemo has a project in mind, but I am making it public that I would like some progress on that. Soon, the better.

@design_RG Well I hope you leave your profile behind as an alt at least.

To see you leave for good would truly be the end of an era 😳

@realcaseyrollins Yes, thank you!

I have almost 7 Thousand posts here, and don't take it lightly, they are meaningful to me and to others.

I am fully engaged in activism and education, and have left communities in the past where I was Staff, and had over 5,000 posts. Never returned, although my profile and posts are still there.

Here, I wouldn't want to lose my posts, but would reduce my presence substantially.

and send followers pointers, they already see and follow my new active accounts at GlitchSocial and now FAB instance.

@design_RG @realcaseyrollins

Whooah, this seems very important to really feel congruent with yourself and aligned!

You're actually the one that made me discover qoto.

Thanks to you for leveling up my game.

I was wondering how can you transfer all exchange you have had (7000 toots!!!) to your new instances and not lose it?

That is indeed very precious.


Thanks, Coralie.

Yes, I feel it's important that we stand and act on what we believe in.

Toots can be backed up and exported (along with all the media), it is an option in the Preferences panel.

But importing them, I don't think it's doable at this time.

The best option is to leave all as is, have a full backup and create pointers to a new location if a move is needed.

There's an option in there regarding a Move, but I imagine it would lock the local account, no longer posting possible, that is not ideal.

I would like to see some action, and just making it clear how important that is to me.


@design_RG @globcoco

Yeah the importing of toots isn't supported on any of the software I know of. Not quite sure why. I don't know if it's ever going to happen either, but I guess you never know

@realcaseyrollins @globcoco

I have a feeling that you are right -- although in the Preferences panel there's this :

...and the text is "The exported data will be in the ActivityPub format, readable by any compliant software."

I don't think the head developer of mastodon wants the functionality of people's data coming along with them, and importable as needed.

Would be nice to know for sure, if there's some viewer at least we could use to access this.

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