I started dating someone about three weeks ago and at the very beginning I felt no much of an interest for this person....however, he managed to change that and actually had me to like him so much.... now he is going back -.- this is second time this happens to me ._. Why in the hell would someone make an effort for you to like them (reaally like them) and when you do they just don't feel interest for you anymore ._. I really want to understand that.. to me, that's basically playing people out. I'm inherently monogamous so I can only focus on one single partner once I've chosen him... I expect the same but that does not happen... to me xD
I think I should give up and just move on :ablobunamused: Rick was right; focus on science, love is a waste of energy and time u.u

Does every murder have a mental illness? and.. does every person with a mental illness a potential murder? The answer to both questions is NO. But, take a look on some of the pages of this amazing book, The Science of Evil.

Such a beautiful quote ♥ from *The C++ Programming language - Bjarne Stroustrup*.

"Just as plenty of piano practice can cause a thick layer of myelination to increase the efficiency of the specific circuits needed to play a Beethoven sonata, lots of seizures can increase the myelination of the circuits that seize. (...) This is the first demonstration of maladaptive myelination in a disease context"
I wonder now if this is a mechanism that replicates with other mental diseases such as schizophrenia or BD...

Sooo, if you ever need a boolean output on whether a text contains at least one word of a list, you can code it in a single line in python, like this :D
any([text.find(i)>0 for i in list])
I feel a bit proud about figuring that out :’3 I guess a senior would do it way better tho. However, if that’s the case, right now I don’t feel like hearing/reading it, but as of tomorrow xD

How the fuck do execute a code if a message contains at least one word in a list using an if statement in a single line in python?
Like this B) ... that my own :'3 I'm fkng happy right now :'D
Please don't ruin my happiness telling me this is not how a senior coder would do it. I mean, do it, but softly xD

Ich kann Castlevania Ende nicht fassen :ablobcatheartsqueeze: es ist einfach wünderschön :'3 ♥

Lisa: ich starb... und warst nicht da
Vlad: ich weiß
Lisa: und bist auch gestorb
Vlad: so war es...
Lisa: du hast noch mir gesucht
Vlad: natürlich habe ich das... ich hatte nicht anderes tun konnte
Vlad: onhe dich würde es mir schlecht ergehen
Lisa: onhe dich würde es mir schlecht ergehen


Glücklich sind die Meschen, die solche wahren Lieben haben! Und darüber bin ich sehr glücklich auch :ablobhearteyes:

I was in this very dark place just once in my life... I guess ten years were necessary for me to miss it.

A bit of history.... do u get it! a bit of history!! ... ok... gotta stop the bad jokes.

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Some of said human garbage masquerades as "libertarian", but it's really the same thing. This specimen thinks I only oppose bullying because I'm a "nerd", and he thinks that's *funny*. This is the kind of behavior conservatives accept and even promote within their movement.

#conservatives #politics #society #thoughts #Twitter #birdsite

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Programming Weekly  
Gitee, China’s answer to GitHub, to review all code by temporarily closing open-source projects to the public https://www.scmp.com/tech/big-tech/ar...
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Omg omg omg!!!!!! 😱 I guess french time! gotta stay tunned! I hope to be in a concert of this amazing band one day.. soon xD 🖤
QT: mastodon.online/@thecemetarygi

The Cemetary Girlz  
Hey lovely people, tomorrow we'll be releasing a new song and music video for #worldgothday, so stay tuned :) The song is called “Eternal Night” an...
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I've been signed up to Signal for over a year, but yesterday I had my first video chat, using the Linux desktop version, with a friend in Seattle. All went well with no issues whatsoever. Impressed!

One on the best science YT channels EVER! ♥
QT: mstdn.social/@thriveth/1082893

T. Emil Rivera-Thorsen  
If you are confused about the difference between Black Hole light shadows and event horizons, and what these images even show (I sure was!), the Yo...

This is how I'd like to look like when aged 😂 ... I mean it. From "Stardust" the movie, one of my favourites from youth ♥

I just realized that my main motivation for doing any task is it to be helpful for someone... I was thinking if I would be able to live in a world without humans (even when I resent socializing) and the answer is _no_ In a scenario where I live just to myself well, that's no life... learning and helping are my life fuel.

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Idle thought:

The English plural of "virus" is "viruses".

The Latin plural of "virus" would be "virūs", because it isn't second-declension, it's fourth - except that in Latin "virus" is a singulare tantum: it has no plural. "viri" is the plural of "vir", meaning "man". "Virii" is the plural of Virius, a family name.

Just so you know.

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