Chang's lemma via Pinsker's inequality. (arXiv:2005.10830v1 [cs.DM])

Global Multiclass Classification from Heterogeneous Local Models. (arXiv:2005.10848v1 [cs.LG])

On the cop number of graphs of high girth. (arXiv:2005.10849v1 [math.CO])

Modeling and Optimization of Latency in Erasure-coded Storage Systems. (arXiv:2005.10855v1 [cs.NI])

Sample Paths of White Noise in Spaces with Dominating Mixed Smoothness. (arXiv:2005.10858v1 [math.PR])

The derived category of the abelian category of constructible sheaves. (arXiv:2005.10859v1 [math.AG])

The multiplicity of generic normal surface singularities. (arXiv:2005.10867v1 [math.AG])

On the regularity of weak solutions of the Boussinesq equations in Besov spaces Dedicated to Enrique Zuazua on the occasion of his sixtieth birthday. (arXiv:2005.10870v1 [math.AP])

Mean value formulas on sublattices and flags of the random lattice. (arXiv:2005.10874v1 [math.NT])

Multi-weight Nuclear Norm Minimization for Low-rank Matrix Recovery in Presence of Subspace Prior Information. (arXiv:2005.10878v1 [cs.IT])

Algebraicity of special $L$-values attached to Siegel-Jacobi modular forms. (arXiv:2005.10282v1 [math.NT])

Multivariate polynomial graph invariants: dualities and critical properties. (arXiv:2005.10288v1 [math-ph])

Malgrange-Galois groupoid of Painlev\'e VI equation with parameters. (arXiv:2005.10291v1 [math.DG])

Symmetries of Schroedinger equation with scalar and vector potentials. (arXiv:2005.10305v1 [math-ph])

Edge removal in undirected networks. (arXiv:2005.10315v1 [cs.IT])

The AAA framework for modeling linear dynamical systems with quadratic output. (arXiv:2005.10316v1 [math.NA])

Bifurcations and Spectral Stability of Solitary Waves in Coupled Nonlinear Schr\"odinger Equations. (arXiv:2005.10317v1 [math.AP])

On the average Steiner 3-eccentricity of trees. (arXiv:2005.10319v1 [math.CO])

Sequential Universal Modeling for Non-Binary Sequences with Constrained Distributions. (arXiv:2005.10320v1 [cs.IT])

Weyl formulae for Schr\"odinger operators with critically singular potentials. (arXiv:2005.10323v1 [math.AP])

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