Stochastic Covariant Derivatives in a (Curved) Space-Time: a Glimpse into the Fractoid Spaces. (arXiv:2303.10177v1 [math.PR])

A machine learning and feature engineering approach for the prediction of the uncontrolled re-entry of space objects. (arXiv:2303.10183v1 [cs.LG])

$\mathcal I^K$-limit points, $\mathcal I^K$-cluster points and $\mathcal I^K$-Frechet compactness. (arXiv:2303.10194v1 [math.GN])

Local structure of homogeneous $ANR$-spaces. (arXiv:2303.10205v1 [math.GN])

Non-stationary $\alpha$-fractal functions and their dimensions in various function spaces. (arXiv:2303.10206v1 [math.DS])

Generalized Differential and Integral Calculus and Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. (arXiv:2303.10207v1 [math.GM])

The spectrum problem for $\ell$-groups and for MV-algebras: a categorical approach. (arXiv:2303.10208v1 [math.RA])

Approximation of group explainers with coalition structure using Monte Carlo sampling on the product space of coalitions and features. (arXiv:2303.10216v1 [cs.LG])

Quantifying Space-Time Load Shifting Flexibility in Electricity Markets. (arXiv:2303.10217v1 [eess.SY])

Synchronisation in TCP networks with Drop-Tail Queues. (arXiv:2303.10220v1 [cs.NI])

A nested hierarchy of second order upper bounds on system failure probability. (arXiv:2303.09557v1 [math.PR])

Nodal Replication of Planar Random Waves. (arXiv:2303.09559v1 [math.PR])

Methodology for Capacity Credit Evaluation of Physical and Virtual Energy Storage in Decarbonized Power System. (arXiv:2303.09560v1 [eess.SY])

User Scheduling and Passive Beamforming for FDMA/OFDMA in Intelligent Reflection Surface. (arXiv:2303.09562v1 [cs.IT])

Homogeneous sets in hypergraphs with forbidden order-size pairs. (arXiv:2303.09578v1 [math.CO])

Dynamics of multi-sensitive non-autonomous systems with respect to a vector. (arXiv:2303.09579v1 [math.DS])

Monomial projections of Veronese varieties: new results and conjectures. (arXiv:2303.09582v1 [math.AG])

Viscous flow past a translating body with oscillating boundary. (arXiv:2303.09592v1 [math.AP])

One-Bit Quadratic Compressed Sensing: From Sample Abundance to Linear Feasibility. (arXiv:2303.09594v1 [cs.IT])

Rigorous Analytic Combinatorics in Several Variables in SageMath. (arXiv:2303.09603v1 [math.CO])

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