Any users of NeoVim here? I’ve been curious for a while, but the friction of switching over (and uncertainty about addon compatibility) has kept me with Vim. Is it worth switching over, and if so, what makes it worth it for you?

@digital_carver @vim

What's the value proposition of NeoVim? I believe they did a code cleanup but I'm not maintaining either project, and they had async execution before Vim, but Vim 8 has that now too.

Maybe I'm just old and grumpy... 😂


@Ademan @vim

That was pretty much my intent behind the question 😀 I was all geared up to move until Vim 8 brought in async exec as well. The code cleanup could in theory lead to less bugs due to weird interactions etc. (and it seems that’s been the case for some people), but I haven’t come across any bugs that affect my workflow, so that too is only a theoretical benefit.
I thought maybe being able to write in plugins in non-vimscript languages (which I believe neovim supports) would be a big one, but no one seems to have mentioned that so maybe not that either.

@digital_carver @vim

That's a good point, I actually have had Vim crash on me a number of times in my day job. Usually with way-too-many buffers open. My workflow has evolved into a bit of a monster I guess lol.

As for non-VimL plugins, is that distinct from existing vim support for Python and Ruby scripting?

@digital_carver @Ademan @vim i had the exact same thoughts not so long ago. Vim8 has pretty everything.
I switched to nvim for 2 reasons
1. Vim fugitive had some problems with vim8, something with Gdiff as I remember
2. I switched to zsh and I have vim mode there and the cursor changes depending on mode, but this behavior was incorrect in vim8, the cursor were always the same regardless the mode

There are also some plugins working only in nvim

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