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vulgar language 

Vacation photos of a model (who’s had drug problems in the past), two Instagram comments below it:

Have fun. Just take care of yourself first.

Great tits

Summary of social media really.

I spent some time last night improving the spaces and our room directory.

I've added several rooms from different fediverse associated instances to the space.

I have also added about half a dozen room servers related to other instances and servers to our room search. So should be easy for you to find most rooms anywhere in the federated universe.

Again: you can join this space (or the others in the linked post) from any matrix user on any server. If you dont have a user you are free to register one on QOTO at:


🎓 Dr. Freemo :jpf: 🇳🇱  
So I setup a list of maybe 30 highly active matrix rooms organized into Matrix Spaces on the QOTO Matrix server (though you can access them from an...

What a waste!
"According to a Malaysian news portal, The Star, a total of crypto mining machines worth $1.26 million were destroyed."

Matrix servers that have it enabled (including QOTO's matrix server) allow for ephimerial rooms. That is, you can set your messages in a room to automatically delete after a certain point in time. Anyone who is the admin/mod of a room can set it. That, combined with the end-to-end encryption and identity verification really makes this a win on privacy.

Please let me know if anyone needs help.

If you want to sign up or log in you can go to:

Everyone is welcome to signup, you dont need to have a QOTO account. You can also login as a guest if you wish.


Does anyone know of any culture that has a unique unambiguous gesture to say “thank you” ? We generally manage to convey it by nods and smiles and other context-dependent signals, but does some culture have a context-independent clear non-verbal way to convey thanks?

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I wanted to say “thank you” to someone using an emoji, and realized there’s no clear single emoji for that. In fact no clear real world non-verbal way to say it either. How weird that we created nods and shrugs and namastes and many others, but none for this very common thing humans want to express.

I was away from Fediverse for a few months, and coming back the Federated timeline looks a lot more fun now. Looks there’s much less bots, many more interesting and funny people on it, and the US election things settling down and the politics talk being minimal helps too. Whatever the reasons, I like it!

I look at all the prepositions and idioms that make no sense and think “how the frick does anybody learn all that”. And then I look at English through those eyes and realize it’s even more weird and difficult over here, I was just lucky enough to imbibe it when I still had the “language super-absorption” ability of childhood.

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Trying to learn German makes me empathise with English-as-Second-Language learners.

Just finished the Reckoners series by Brandon Sanderson. There’s a lack of depth to the books that make them feel like short stories or novellas (probably bcos they’re young adult fiction), but I still found myself missing the characters at the end of the last book and wishing for more.
4.4/5 stars.

In general, getting less caught up American local drama - political or cultural

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One nice consequence from leaving reddit: didn’t constantly get reminded yesterday that it’s the “4TH OF JULY!!!”

“You ruined it for me! YOu ruined it for all of us!!!”

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nothing more annoying than thinking of a joke reply to a post and then seeing someone else made a bad version of the joke already…

Still not a big fan, but if I can work with bash and vimscript, I can manage LaTeX as well.

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Trying to learn LaTeX commands via an Anki deck now. LaTeX never made sense to me, seeming like a hodgepodge collection of commands, with bad names and ugly syntax. Learning multiple commands together using Anki, I can sort of get an overall picture and make better sense of LaTeX.

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