I have improved my teaching. That was not satisfying.

— Domas Besmarthiz, Wrestler

I got into an argument with Kib Gorgelulls. I don't feel contempt.

— Rovod Nomalavuz, Farmer

personal opinion: any apps that are made for interacting with government services, or are necessary to follow government regulations (incl. temporary ones, like covid tracing and testing) should be open-source and have clear privacy policies

Is there a term for words which look like they should rhyme but don’t? (Sean Bean, cough/through, 塊魂, etc)

Please stop creating software that allows you to interact with UI while that UI is being modified by the software

Markor is a lovely text editor, shows off what the best of FOSS can be like. It's slightly fancier than a more basic notes app, but loads just as fast, and has enough configuration you can make it what you want it to be.
I've had problems trying to store notes on the SD card, but I'm not sure if that's a Markor issue or an issue with the sync app whose folder I was trying to save into (and it's more fundamentally a problem with Android's dumb handling of SD card permissions anyway).
The dev is active and responsive on GitHub too, which gives me good hopes for the future of the app as well.


So... Can someone with bio/genetic/epidemiology background explain this to me? Are her claims valid? The criticism to this paper seems to be that the genetic variation is only 5% but isn't that large in genetic terms? technologynetworks.com/genomic

> what is right and wrong in politics is determined only by the power that is able to be leveraged by other people

Not sure I understand this part @Demosthenes . On superficial reading it sounds like "Might is what makes right in practice" - but I think you're saying something more naunced than that?
QT: [qoto.org/@Demosthenes/10490489]

Demosthenes @Demosthenes@qoto.org

@digital_carver things get really fuzzy and complicated when you define common terminology in the game of politics. (Social) power is the capacity...

Started thinking about this when I came across a political (Indian) post and was tempted to boost it. I generally avoid political stuff, but found myself thinking "this is *obviously* the correct side in this issue though, I can't imagine this annoying any right-thinking person". I realized I only knew the "correct" side, and had never heard a single argument from someone on the "wrong" side before coming to the conclusion.

Politics was so easy when I was a teenager. Some things were obviously right, some things were obviously wrong, and anyone who disagreed with those positions were either idiots who had been misled, or had bad intent themselves.

With experience and wider understanding, things get a lot more difficult. Now if something looks like "obviously the right answer", and I can't figure out why anyone would oppose it unless they were stupid or malicious - then in reality it's more likely that I haven't understood the opposing position very well, that the issue had more facets than I understood, that there *was* no simple easy satisfying answer that's practically feasible.

They don't say "Ignorance is bliss" for nothing!

The traces of the Great Indian Mastodon Influx of 2019 (GIMI'19) are interesting to look through. In trying to find folks to follow here, I time and again come across people who came to Mastodon around Nov 2019 (when the Twitter political censorship issues surfaced), stayed around for a month or so, and then left (presumably back to where they came from, having made a symbolic gesture against the censorship).

But even that one month has left an impression here, lots of interesting links to follow, clever jokes, good discussions, it feels like an archaeological discovery of an interesting and intellectual civilization - though of course this was barely a year ago.

It would be loads better if they'd stuck around - I feel a twinge of sadness every time I think "wow this is a cool account to follow", and then see the last post was somewhere in November 2019 - but I'm glad that the GIMI'19 happened at all. It left behind a good bulk of interesting content, and when I do find a live account that someone still uses, it feels like finding buried treasure!

If you've ever experienced oppression, remember not the religion, community or gender of your oppressor.
Remember the nature of oppression itself, and how it feeds on whoever lacks power in a given situation.
That very nature of oppression is what you've been asked to fight.

I tried googling (and duckducking) for this, but couldn't find anything - most Mastodon guides seem to be 75% explaining instances and how they work, and just the last 25% on some few basics of how to actually do things.

And if I remove the @ part or put it somewhere not at the beginning of the toot, does it still count as a part of the same conversation? Fedilab shows those replies as less indented compared to those that do have @<username> at the beginning. What is that supposed to represent?

I can't figure out how replies work on mastodon. If I reply to someone and leave the @<username> part as is, does that still appear on the timeline for ppl who follow me but don't follow the other person?

Got a laptop running with Linux as primary OS? This might help improve your battery performance.


Happy Free Software Day!

I'm accidentally celebrating by just learning about all the cool organizations and people working on free software in India. As in, I learned about FSFI first, and then I pulled on further threads from there and found more orgs, and then I discovered on their news pages that today is FSD. 😀

FSF India fsf.org.in/ @fsfi

Swathanthra Malayalam Computing smc.org.in/ @smc

Software Freedom Law Center, India sflc.in/ @sflcin

Free Software Community of India fsci.org.in/

The FSCI don't seem to have an official account on Fedi or Diaspora, but I'm now following some individuals mentioned on their website, by just searching for their usernames on Fedi and Diaspora.
Free Software Community of India
More free software advocacy organisations in India:

Indian Pirates pirates.org.in/ @piratesin @piratesin
tubee.fr/accounts/piratesin currently down

The Hamara Linux distro www.hamaralinux.org/

Hamara and the Pirates together run the Diaspora pod diasp.in/

I've been using Fedilab, installed Tusky today to see if it had a feature Fedilab was missing. I assumed, bcos Tusky seems more popular, that it'll have even more cool features and customisations - but actually it seems pretty bare bones compared to Fedilab. Looks like I'd chosen the right one for me in the first place!

pandemic and pessimism 

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