Trying to learn German makes me empathise with English-as-Second-Language learners.

I look at all the prepositions and idioms that make no sense and think “how the frick does anybody learn all that”. And then I look at English through those eyes and realize it’s even more weird and difficult over here, I was just lucky enough to imbibe it when I still had the “language super-absorption” ability of childhood.

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@digital_carver You might have heard of this:

It's a free online course that focuses on teaching someone "how to ."

I took it a while ago. Would I say it was helpful? Sort of. The "exercise helps learning" and "the brain has a *diffuse* thinking mode and a *focused* thinking mode" were the two things I remember best from it.

, to me, is kind of like a magic black box. I learn the things that I learn and I don't know why. There are things I find incredibly tedious and uninteresting that are a lot harder to learn.

The course explains various scientific studies about learning and provides strategies for overcoming common obstacles.

It's a long course and you need to sign up for Coursera to do it.


"Learning How to Learn: Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects"



That course has been on my back burner for so long, I really need to give myself a kick in the ass and do it. I've been subscribed to their newsletter, and it's one of the few that consistently has good quality content.

I can related to the magic black box thing. Even within things I find interesting, I realized recently, the exact mode of learning makes a big difference. I was trying to learn better through a video course, and finding it so unappealing I started to doubt my learning ability. Then started a course on cryptocurrency, and that was pleasant and appealing. I realized my brain just doesn't want to learn programming languages this way - it wants to start up an editor and look up documentation and actually start *doing* stuff.

If you're interested in stuff related to , I'd also recommend Scott Young's blog in case you haven't come across it.

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