It makes a big difference to go from

“I feel like I wanna cry for no reason at all and I don’t know what to do about it” (- helplessness)


“I feel like I wanna cry for no reason at all. Why could it be?
It feels like I’m overwhelmed. By what?
Two days of constant masking in a strange new place is probably it (even if the people around were lovely). What can I do about it?
Quiet time, rest, giving myself permission to disengage from social obligations for a while.” (- making sense of it, understanding myself, and self-care)

It’s taken many years to arrive here, but I’m happy to notice that I’ve made progress.


Thank you. I’m hoping so too. Coming across the community is probably going to help a lot with that, I already have a bunch of bookmarks to helpful resources people have shared.

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