With the amount of sex-related scandals in politics it’s like becoming an eunuch should be a prerequisite for taking office. Or any leadership position whatsoever, where a single drop of drama can dismantle the entire movement.

Why people can’t keep it in their pants? :angery:

@dpwiz the idea of becoming an influential politician may also increase the probability of exerting abusive behaviours, an example of which is having a relationship with an employee. The scandals are about abuse! But if I'm pressed to bet, I'd bet that humans are simply #MostlyHarmful rather than #MostlyHarmless. The phenomenon you describe is then but a fair slice of the society.

@jonn Perhaps I was raised on a “competence porn” reading/movies/culture diet and expect that people would just stick to their jobs.

People leveraging their positions for power projection and outright abuse is indeed an unending stream of disappointment for me.

Out of the crooked timber of humanity no straight thing was ever made.


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