How the fuck it it is even technically possible for a bunch of unelected guys to strip bodily autonomy from 100+ millions?

Нашёл лексер комментарии, а они ему как раз

Oh my, why most CLI apps in C++ suck so hard at parsing arguments? They don’t can’t call getopt() or what?

I see lots of crappy ad-hoc parsing that’s as capricious as 2yo in a mall. High-level object oriented metaprogramming my ass..

doing it right

Moreover, the DHT underlay mechanism is general and allows for additional underlay plugins to be defined. This will make it easy to run R5N over other P2P networks (like I2P) in the future.

  • I’m a Correctness Dragon and this is my Hoare of triples.

On the current timeline, every day is Petrov Day.

The only humans who think "no" means "I'll ask again as soon as I feel like it and as often as I want" are toddlers, creeps and, apparently, some software shops.

For the case of the exomoon candidate Kepler-1625b-I (Teachey & Kipping 2018) we showed in Fig. 2 that the largest stable submoon is Vesta- to Ceres-sized. The largest possible submoon would thus be roughly 5–10 km in radius. For much less massive, Solar system-like moons the largest stable submoon was ∼10 km such that the largest possible subsubmoon would be sub-km-sized.

Amazing! Add some trojan neighbors here and there and it would be a fun place to navigate around. Something like Interplanetary Transport Network, but crunched into a cisplanetary space.

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For more massive stars, the habitable zone is more distant and habitable zone planets have wider Hill spheres. Large moons can therefore survive on more distant orbits and have larger Hill spheres such that submoons can exist on wider orbits where submoon–moon–planet tidal evolution is far slower, as compared with lower mass stars.

(Yes, the Moon could have had a submoon.)

Who called it "malloc()" and not "see_you_later_allocator()" ?

  • Mom, I want wa ch zod ahaaskes rea.
  • We have wa ch zod ahaaskes rea at home.
    Wa ch zod ahaaskes rea at home:

A five year old Reddit post just helped me solve a knotty problem.
I hate to think how much useful info is being lost in ephemeral services like Discord, Slack, and IRC.

MarkovJunior is a probabilistic programming language where programs are combinations of rewrite rules and inference is performed via constraint propagation.

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