Despite being built in the 1960s without the aid of computers, it remains to this day the fastest air-breathing manned aircraft ever constructed.
… this was a 21th-century performer delivered in the early 1960s

The aircraft went from idea to service in 20 months.

Excuse me… the fuck?.. :ablobpeek:

@haskman Reading another monad tutorial? How about running a monad emergency drill!

TFW a stationary bandit declares mobilization

Kids born in 2020s would be known as Gen-S.
For all the enshittification happened during the time.
Sorry kids.

Kirchhoff’s abstraction law

The algebraic sum of leaks in a network of abstractions in implementation is zero.

We’ll have to wait and see how well this strategy works for RISC-V, because instruction fusion requires the fused instructions to be adjacent. Compilers will have to arrange instructions to make this possible.

Cries in Itanium.

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SiFive presented their P870 core at Hot Chips 2023. It aims for higher performance than prior SiFive designs, and should sit in the same ballpark as ARM’s Cortex X2 or AMD’s Zen 4c.


SiFive’s P870 is a six-wide core featuring out-of-order execution.


@Keltounet @hywan I watched my mother progressively (and completely) lose the ability to use her iMac during her final decade because Apple kept f*cking around with the Mac OS X user interface, the way Mail worked, the colour of the window maximize/minimize buttons, and stuff that probably looked trivial to a 30-something UI designer but was deeply disruptive to an 80 something with impaired memory. And by losing that access, she lost touch with friends (via email).

@outie @mcc Please disable ad blocker and allow JavaScript on this page. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is Futile.

I wish git had something to hexdiff files out of the box, instead of that weak excuse of “binary file differ” :tiredcat:

Screw banks and their “security” policies :AngeryCat:

I should write a huge text about how is a great language and is getting better all the time.
Just to dilute the stream of negativity constantly appearing on feeds.

Maybe you should too.

Gosh, I sometimes hate that the LSPs are a thing now. People really like to dunk on and its “toolchain” for LSP deficiencies.

Come on, people, this stuff is barely mature by itself.

And you really can do without it.

software licensing 

Just spotted some blurb on the net and it made me cringe in pain.

Some people, when they first encounter REUSE, run into a couple of things that are very different from what they are used to. They miss the long legal blurbs at the tops of files, miss the COPYING/LICENSE file in the root of the repository, think that .license files clutter the directory, or find it very strange that even insignificant non-code files get licensing headers.


And they are fucking right! Software licensing^W lawyering is bullshit and basically a cancer.

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