I run my own #Mastodon server - costs me about $15/month ATM at #digitalocean + #amazon

I have 3 accounts I follow different things with that interest me (including #comicbooks, #horror, and #podcasts)

I follow ~500 people overall

My timelines are FULL of great, highly curated content; more than I could ever digest

Plus the people I follow are great about boosting more people that interest me

Long and short : you don't need to join a large #Masto instance to get great #fediverse content

@mike Hello! Looking into doing this myself and tried on using but can't create more than one user because of an issue sending registration emails.

Curious about using . You also mention and I'm wondering what you use them for in regards to the instance.

I was happy to use Linode because deploying the VPS, installing Cloudron and Mastodon were fairly simple following their guides online and videos on YouTube.

Not extremely code savvy, so wondering if it's a similar process on using a droplet or if you had a more of a hands-on/code heavy experience.

Any advice is greatly appreciated and have a wonderful evening!


Of course!

#DigitalOcean has an easy prebuilt droplet that can be spun up fast - super easy! Cost is $14/mo.

I use an #Amazon S3 storage bucket - I would have preferred #Azure blob storage but it's not supported yet. I would recommend not storing your images on your server - #Mastodon will use a LOT of space FAST for images. S3 is cheap; est $1/mo ATM

I use SendGrid for my third party email server; it's free for as little as I use it for.

Hope this helps a bit!


@mike thank you very much! I am definitely going to give it a shot 😀

@dreamsindigital good luck!

There is a YouTube out there somewhere that was helpful.. :)

The S3 permissions were a little tricky for me, but all in all it was pretty easy!

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