Holy hell I think I cracked the stock market! This new algorithm I invented is insane. The back testing was like nothing I've seen and real world performance is already matching exactly what the backtests showed....

@drewfer different places depending on what im doing or using... two main places are interactive brokers and tradingview.com


@freemo are you scraping or do they have api's available?

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@drewfer Well interactive brokers provides a full on API to do whatever you wish.. Trading view is a bit different. It provides charts and rendering in app, and allows you to pull up a code editor right on the chart using a special language that trading view created specifically for stock market analysis and investing. so you can write a few line of codes defining a stock investment strategy then click a button and back test it on historic data. Due to the nature of it your algorithm has access to the historic data for quite a ways back (i use 10 years back test) but you dont have direct access tot he data.

While the language is very simple, it can cover most math based analytics,and can be more than powerful enough to do everything you need there. But it does have some limitations and will only take you so far.. If you want to go past mathematical/regression type stuff it wont work. You can not and would not want to write a neural network in that for example.

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