As soon as easy hosting options are available again, we'll move to a self-hosted instance. Unfortunately, qoto is one of the few scholarly instances that allow academic societies, but has a policy towards "free speech" we do not share.

@ypc_bunsen Science rests upon free discussion, exploration and inquiry i.e. free expression.
The trend of academics supporting censorship, even implicitly, is extremely worrying.

@ypc_bunsen faggots blocked me :omegalul:
It's not surprising they're German


@matrix @ypc_bunsen
@matrix, is there a reason you use the term “faggots”?
Do you understand how offensive that word is?
Why do you think that is a decent example of “free expression”, especially for academics?

@dyedgrey @ypc_bunsen Yes and I don't care. I reject worship and rituals.

For academics? Anything that would violate Nature's new publishing rules.

And tenure would be a great example of protection of academic inquiry.

@matrix @dyedgrey @ypc_bunsen
Funny thing is faggots refer to themselves as faggots all the time a la Milo jewaloppolus' "Dangerous Faggot Tour." I wish the word actually did hold the power that this libshit thinks it does...but it doesn't, which is why I just call people niggers.
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