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Hi y'all! I'm not a newbie to tech in general, but I often feel like a newbie due to the breadth and depth of technology, especially software (and infrastructure)!
I sort of fell into IT through a random job that promoted me based on a "logic" test. :D
I have experience in , , some , a tiny old crumb of , but most recently / . *NIX wins, imho. PC for home, Mac for work. Spent some time in the . The team I'm on for work is in a decent-sized retailer, and our focus is Observability. and some cool home-grown products. We support internal customers (other teams and platforms), and I love answering questions!
I'm married to my lovely wife, and our babies all have fur. I live in a brick house built in 1888. I love old houses, even though there's not a right angle or standard size left!
If it's horror, I love it - movies, books, objects. I'm a little at heart (though I'm an Old Bat now).
GU (BSLA Russian Language). Breast cancer survivor. Sardonic and frequently inappropriate sense of humor. 😈

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Things you as a US white person have to deal with because of #racism.

- student loan debt
- credit scores
- today’s disinformation climate

A brief explanation with some links follows as I don’t have all day 😂

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This has been one of the poorest executed layoffs in big tech. Talk about kicking former employees while they’re down.

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This is my annual request to the NFL place Weird Al Yankovic in a future #SuperBowl halftime show.

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This year, a 30-second Super Bowl ad costs $7 million.

The average K-12 public school lunch debt is about $22,600.

To Rev. Dr. Jacqui Lewis' point, the cost of that Jesus ad could pay off the lunch debt of 310 schools.

As Christians, we need to walk the walk. This ad isn't walking.

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Today, you will probably see ads for Bud Light, Doritos, and Jesus. The latter will be funded by a shadowy group of theocratic billionaires like the guy who founded Hobby Lobby and sued to prevent his workers from accessing basic healthcare

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Hello 2023 and hello to all of you! May this year bring good, and spooky, things to all of us.
This is the closest to a 2023 horror meme I could find, but it is apt.

Like David Lynch says, "Everyone, have a great day!"

#meme #Horror #HorrorMeme #Scream #Ghostface #NewYear2023 #NewYearsMeme #MotherSuspiriasMorningMeme

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Starting my day and year and sending love and solidarity to you all ❤️✊🏽💜 Happy New Year!

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RT @Brink_Thinker
Finding 6 bald eagles on your front porch deserves endless retweets

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Hey, all you wonderful #trans people and allies. Is there any indication on when we might see a result from the @goodlawproject case against the nhs over waiting times?

I did my annual waiting list check today… thinking it’d be my last… and it’s gone up again by more months than have passed… honestly are they actually seeing anyone??

Anyway it’d be nice to get some good news on it and the glp things is the biggest hope on that.

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Gotta love this. New Year's eve fireworks in Scarborough, England were canceled last night so as not to disturb an Arctic walrus named Thor. He's resting, you see.

Oh, and happy new year.

#Walrus #NewYear #NewYearsEve

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By now everyone knows ass hat/small peen Andrew Tate and his brother were arrested on sex-trafficking allegations.
Not only did destroy him, karma flexed too.
Happy New Year ;)

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Crypto Crash, NFTs, Unsellable, Tax Write-offs, The Guardian 

Molly White writes about Unsellable here on her blog Web3 Is Going Great ( the title is sarcastic 😉):

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I know exactly who needs to hear this, so:

Hating LGBTQ+ people isnt bold or edgy or alt-anything. It’s one of the oldest hatreds out there, & almost every evil regime sharpens its claws on us

Precisely *because* we truly harm no one but make some deeply uncomfortable. Thus: an easy target enough will overlook, justify, or downplay.

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For 2023 I would like to Tech Bros stop helping artist, thanks.

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Our Tusky mascot here on #Mastodon is cool and all...

But for the love of all that's good, upload a #profile pic, please?

When I see an account like this, I don't take that user seriously and I don't follow back.

Please. Do it now.

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Rosalind Franklin’s research was crucial to discovering DNA’s double helix structure 🧬 but it was James Watson & Francis Crick who received the credit & Nobel Prize.

Unknown to Franklin, the pair saw her unpublished data & X-ray diffraction images, inspiring their famous model. They never acknowledged her contribution until after her death.

How many discoveries & innovations of #women do we attribute to the men who took credit for their ideas? #history #science

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LinkedIn CEO Ryan Roslansky

"Pre-pandemic,~1% of all jobs posted on LinkedIn were remote. As of today, that number is ~14%...but that's not the fascinating part. What's fascinating is north of 50% of all job applications on a daily basis on LinkedIn go to that 14% of remote jobs"

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Cursed Mastodonn feature request 

A "boost with quote" button that only let's you add the text "That's what she said!"

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