protocols are hard. interoperation is hard. engineering is hard! but there's just... clearly no resources being put into it anymore. the parts of the internet that are interoperable (email, the web) were all designed before everything was stripmined by capitalists. nothing new is being built for interoperation anymore. there is not an engineering reason to be doing this, this is all deficient engineering. there are only market reasons, only capitalism to blame.

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what do you guys think about the of the ? i believe most people want it to be , as it is better than normal social media.

considering this how prepared are we in terms of scaling? and by that i mean how small can be?

assuming that the fediverse becomes mainstream there would be billions of people using it,

the problems appears when we consider the distribution of people in those instances,

i do believe that we can all agree that if there were only a few thousand instances with millions of people that wouldn't be ideal, as we lose most of the benefits of small instances. although it would still be better than today's situation.

we need to have many more instances than a few thousand, i don't know which size of instances is optimal or which distribution is best but i think this is something we should discuss.

assuming the ideal is around or lower than a few thousand. we would have millions of instances,

but if the servers are small there would be a limited number of connections they could federate with,
i don't know this number and it would increase in there future as better computers would exist.

but i find it hard that a instance with a few thousand people could federate with hundreds of thousands or millions of instances,

it would be a shame if there were no way of discovering people outside of instances you already know,

so nowadays how hard is it to interact with people in instances you don't directly federate with?

ie i have my instance A which federates with B and B federates with C but A doesn't federate with C, can people in A interact with people in C and i
am just worrying about without a reason?

if yes is there a limit for how many links could be between A and C?

if we want to increase the number of instances it should be easy to setup a server.

how hard is it to create a or other types of fediverse servers?
i looked about setting up a Hubzilla server and it was somewhat involved.
are Friendica servers or others any easier?

ok i browsed a little, posted some , and followed some people so i want to talk about my first impression about mastodon, and about the QOTO instance.

firstly i want to say that i never used twitter or any other microblogging platform so the format is new to me.

the main thing i want to talk about is that starting out is hard, the federated timeline is full of things which range from uninteresting to offensive and finding anything that interests me is like finding a needle in a haystack.
the local timeline isn't much better though i imagine that if i created my account on a smaller more theme focused instance that wouldn't be the case.

i hope that as i follow more people add them to lists and groups my home timeline will be full of interesting things so that i won't need to browse the federated or local timeline.
however i am not certain this
will be the case.
i imagine that if i was introduced to mastodon by a friend i would have a easier time.

i think that the experience could have been better, if i could browse posts by instance or the search was better. i still will use the fediverse as i believe in the idea but i am unsure about mastodon.

I believe something should be done to facilitate new users finding content, ideally it would be a full featured search engine, so that new users could easily find what they want. but even a tab showing trending topics or chronologically show all posts that match certain criteria would help.

GNU FindUtils provides a small suite of commands which helps you locate specific files (though Grep's, which I'll cover after AWK, developed seperately). I think I'll categorize these as reencoding the filesystem into something more concise.

The `find` command, which I'll cover today, lists all descendant filepaths under a directory (defaulting to ".") so that they can be `grep`ed. GNU FindUtils also provides other arguably more optimal commands for the same thing, but `find`'s still useful.

i figured it out, for peertube you just get the link and search for it on your homepage and then any reply to the video is displayed as a comment in the video. i thought it would be significantly more difficult. i assume that for any of the others is the same thing browse on the other site then when you want contribute to the discussion you just search for the link and then can comment. i find this amazing you can interact with anyone in the fediverse from your preferred format.

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i am confused about the on it says that mastodon can connect with a variety of other fediverse projects but how would i go about doing that?

being more specific if there is a video on a peertube instance how can i leave a comment from a mastodon account?

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