So, an intro:

I'm an author who writes about how both nature & time spent creatively improves mental health, a molecular cell biologist & brain chemistry nerd, naturalist (especially plants and birds),
I run creative workshops (see link in bio) and use scientifically proven research to make photos that can alleviate anxiety and lift mood:

...IMPROVE mental health.

Sorry, still feeling my way about here and grammar slightly wonky...

Have a drawing of a wren as an apology

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@emmamitch No, I don't believe so. One of the many perks of Mastodon seems to be new and surprising ways of stumbling upon people you admire!

@emmamitch I have indeed. Set up an account on here some time ago, but have only been using it for a few days. I love how much gentler it is here. I really appreciate your posts, so I'm glad to see you here.

@emmamitch Oh dear, what's up with your Grammar, has she been on the gin again?

@emmamitch Please draw more wrens. Then and only then will I accept your apology 🥰​

@emmamitch 👋🏻 Silver Pebble. How are you doing? Great to see you here. Much more friendlier place 🐦

@emmamitch delighted to see you here as I followed you on Twitter and loved your images.

@emmamitch nice to see you here Emma (I was a September workshop doodler) ;)

@emmamitch Thanks for joining us! Your lovely book was an inspiration for one of my own. I also like your honesty online.

@emmamitch Sat here reading your book as this popped up! I relate so hard to you in November. Welcome!

@GreenishFinger Oh wow, so lovely to see someone reading it over here. Yes, November can be grim, though lots of beautiful woodland finds...

@emmamitch so beautiful - it’s just that initial prising yourself away from the nest, like you say.

@GreenishFinger It can be so difficult if dopamine levels are low...

@emmamitch I also love to get to the sea to soothe my mind. Something about staring out towards the horizon that gives me clarity. Like I say, I relate!! Thank you for such a lovely book 🥰

@emmamitch I think you're on to something. A while back I posted this photo on twitter and I was overwhelmed by the amount of response it got. Just a small collection of stones etc that I've carried around from place to place since my 20s.

@emmamitch I laughed so loud when several people said they thought at first glance they were sweeties 😄

@emmamitch Great to see you on here Emma! I enjoy your posts.

@emmamitch good to see you hear, it’s been a gentler way of life so far x

Ah!... Reading your bio reminds me about Vinson Brown!... Sweet times!

@emmamitch Nooooooooooooo!!! He wrote a beautiful book called "The Amateur Naturalist´s Handbook"... Wait...

@emmamitch Hello Emma, l followed you over from the bird site. Looking forward to more of your wonderful posts 😊

@emmamitch I love this photo that you included in your post and also the one displayed as your banner. I can confirm that both lifted my mood. Thank you for sharing.

@emmamitch beautiful photo and it certainly made me feel calm to see it. May I ask if there are any books or articles that you’d recommend on creating calming photos? I’m intrigued by your mention of it.

@emmamitch hello lovely to see you here. I followed you in the other place. 😊👋

@emmamitch I don't get this side (yet). But I'm relieved to have it in case the bird app will go down.
I would've missed you!

@emmamitch Nice to see you over here.
I think that might be able to edit your original message, not that I've tried?

@emmamitch hello 👋 nice to see you and your beautiful flatlay arrangements on here. Not quite sure how mastodon is going to work out but it’s nice to see a few lovelies on here x

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