So, an intro:

I'm an author who writes about how both nature & time spent creatively improves mental health, a molecular cell biologist & brain chemistry nerd, naturalist (especially plants and birds),
I run creative workshops (see link in bio) and use scientifically proven research to make photos that can alleviate anxiety and lift mood:


...IMPROVE mental health.

Sorry, still feeling my way about here and grammar slightly wonky...

Have a drawing of a wren as an apology

@emmamitch Oh dear, what's up with your Grammar, has she been on the gin again?

@emmamitch Please draw more wrens. Then and only then will I accept your apology 🥰​

@emmamitch 👋🏻 Silver Pebble. How are you doing? Great to see you here. Much more friendlier place 🐦

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