TIL the WWW originally had a logo, and nothing else is better at expressing the naive academic techno-optimism from the 1990s than a design that looks hand-coded in PostScript and that slogan at the top.

I hate it when people accuse me of lollygagging, when I am clearly dilly dallying.

Please respect my decision to stand outside the Science Museum in a lab coat, distributing Wanted posters with my photograph on them and warning people to watch out for an escaped clone.

It's launch time! πŸš€

Re: Toot is now available on the App Store for iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Re: Toot turns Mastodon posts into images that are suitable for quote posts with attribution to the original author and an alt text.

Get the app here πŸ‘‡


zotero is amazing, how have i not known of this program before

Digital narration for audiobooks - Apple Books for Authors


This really boggles my mind. I think it is typical of Apple to find one of the best possible practical uses of what most companies would consider the edge of technology and many hard-core nerds would say was the leading edge a couple of years ago.

Added some new Mastodon monitoring infrastructure for discuss.systems.

Sure, every good #MastoAdmin has a cool Grafana dashboard, but we're going a bit more old school here...

If republicans can't agree on a speaker, then democrats should suggest John Mastodon as a neutral bipartisan compromise. #johnmastodon #speakerofthehouse #speaker

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