as the twink was laying in my bed, I slowly approached his ear and murmured in my strongest french accent **veuve clicquot** and the deed was done

finding nemo 2 but nemo tries to find herself as a trans woman


what if we kissed in the hentai goblin cave 😳

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my bussy tastes like bepsi cola 🦅🇺🇲

@icedquinn I can confirm :blob_cry: 10h wait at the hospital and never seen a doctor

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when mental outlaw slapped that beef I 😳

@nosleep @aesoteria @sjw @lanodan if we are (sub)human GNOME users then who will be our (dom)humans? 😳👉👈

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I can tolerate Twitter union busting for Amazon, but the evil Muskrat is where I draw the line


@icedquinn he will get elected again

@juliesullivan Not sure why I should even give an ounce of respect to English since Americans have decided to add X's to other languages they can't even speak

@juliesullivan People have spent years writing the software to make an anticensorship social media platform after blue checkmarks like you have been cheering it on msm platforms and you show absolutely no respect to the platform after the same happens to you. Yeah it's sad. Hope you enjoy the smell of my toots

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