This is how much the decision-makers at for-profit companies respect your privacy folks...

“We should know when users leave their house, their commute to work, and everywhere they go throughout the day. Anything less is useless. We get a lot more than that from other tech companies.”

#DataFarming #Privacy #Surveillance

If you, like me, want to support the military effort of Ukrainians (because Western decision-makers are slow to produce proper support which can speed up russian capitulation), you have a great chance to do so!

To protect #GrainExport and ensure deoccupation of the Black Sea, #Ukraine is building a fleet of #NavalDrones, under the supervision from the administration of President #Zelenskyy.

Donate here:

@ianbetteridge that kind of investing system always seems to be more about cults of personality than competence.
Then again, it's all about economics, which appears to be the bastard child of astrology, after they had a one night stand with mates, where growing up astrology tries to teach it their fathers culture as best they understand.

То есть наказывается службой в вс рф сроком до 7 лєт. 😂

@extrn @nzlemming the real problem is that now no businesses can ever be freehold with technology - they'll always be paying escalating rental costs, and have no mobility because most are voluntarily locking themselves into one supplier's proprietary cloud. Which is dumb. I explain why here:

Since on Mastodon there's a higher chance of non-followers seeing this, I might as well do an #introduction :)

Hi, I'm Arturo, I tinker with #electronics, #pcb, #kicad, #firmware, #opensource, #openhardware

I'm the founder of a company named Solder Party, if you're in the electronics community, you might've seen my stuff. Everything I release is open source, SW and HW.

《Facebook has seen its market capitalization crash by $700,000,000,000 (seven! hundred! billion! dollars!). Zuckerberg greeted this news by telling his investors that he was “pretty confident this is going in a good direction.”》

Haha, I totally agree with this mf. This is a good direction :blobjoy:

After a 3-day pitched battle in the parliament we have a chairman. GERB could not get their initial choice, but they havent really lost. What remains unknown is what did the commies (and in particular their leader) gain from all this. I doubt it will be something good for us all. I also don't think it is something major - as backtracking on the support for Ukraine. We'll see.

what you see here are parts of an iranian drone which was allegedly involved in the killing of civilians. the drone was downed some time ago by kurdish security forces.

let's shed some light on states wearing their pretty neutrality cape.

Ah, the dread! The company now has a linkedin page and I would be an asshole not to "like" it. I've been avoiding the stupid linkedin for ages. I don't like to keep in touch with people (sorry) and I actually only communicate with a couple of people. If I create this stupid page, it will have maybe 3 linked people. And I'm in the bussiness since 1998...

Moreover, I've been avoiding linkedin and hoping it will die not just because I don't care about "links" but on philosophical grounds - it is not M$'s bussiness to know whom I know, what I do, what I learn etc. This is personal. If I can use a metaphor - in the world of cars I'm an old white indiscriminate van and not one painted in screeming purple with lightning bolts and loud stickers saying "EXPERT!!!!", "EXPERIENCED ARCHITECT!!!", "VISIONARY!!!!". Nor am I willing M$ to peddle me anywhere to anyone... Except that maybe I do, since we are trying to go into this "consulting" thing...

Well, anyway, I hate Microsoft. Also Google. Also Apple. I think these companies are the biggest cheaters and their main produce is bullshit. They managed to bullshit most of the people into buying in into their big pile of shit and now what we all do is shoveling shit all day and there is no end to it, because with the money we give them they continue to produce even more shit... Think of any of their self-serving "services" and "products". Can you name one that you can buy and use however you like, without being restricted or tracked or coralled into some "platform" or coerced to buy a new version that is exactly the same but this time the buttons are somewhat rounder? (and BTW: "we removed this feature for more streamlined experience")

Enough complaining, it's nothing new or original. I think about moving all of the company's repositories from github to gitlab. Perhaps we can also start deploying new projects to linode instead of amazon ec2. It will not move the needle for me even slightly. Now thinking about it, as time passes it's getting harder and harder to step out of the shitpile. The shit has become ubiquitous. I'd very much prefer to write implementations of numerical algorithms in assembly than deal with the ever-changing "sdk"s that objectively achieve only one thing - guarantee that anything you make today will surely break tomorrow.

And if everything breaks so fast (by design), what difference it makes what you did 5 years ago? Or whom you knew or worked with? Why do we need linkedin???

I hate what computers are now, and especially hate what Apple computers are now. Here are comics that were "purchased" but can't be read, and a screen to read them on which works but can't be used,

because Amazon decided to buy the comic vendor and break their app,

and Apple insists we buy a new screen every few years or they will make apps (like unbroken Comixology) break via aggressive SDK depreciation. The new screen isn't better. They just make you pay for it because they can.

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Россия потерпела в Харьковской области самое крупное поражение в войне с Украиной. Но, возможно, это еще не конец наступления ВСУ. «Медуза» анализирует ситуацию на фронте

Украинское наступление на юге и востоке Харьковской области за пять дней достигло всех своих целей. Российские войска под угрозой окружения 8 сентября оставили город Балаклею, а 10 сентября — западную часть города Купянска, главной тыловой базы Минобороны РФ в регионе. Также в ночь на 10 сентября Вооруженные силы России (ВС РФ) покинули город Изюм, где размещался штаб всей этой группировки. Вместе с ними оставлены и потеряны в боях десятки сел и поселков, десятки единиц целой и поврежденной техники, тонны боеприпасов. А кроме того — все, чего российская армия с большим трудом добилась с марта 2022 года. Теперь у нее нет возможности начать новое наступление на Донбасс с севера. Ниже — краткая хроника этих событий.

Hey, I'm looking for someone to take over one of my jobs, so I can concentrate better on @interpeer.

You should...

- be EU based, NL-based a preference.
- know C/C++/Python
- know basics of network programming: sockets, endianness, datagram vs. stream, etc.
- know Linux networking/routing a bit.

The software runs on small ARM boards (ca. Raspberry Pi 1 power). You'll build and flash images, etc. You'll attach extension boards, and interface the software to firmware.

DM me/boosts appreciated.

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