"instead of all of us gathering in one place ... one solution to achieve less Social Sorting may be extremely simple: Go back to smaller Online Communities"


"Computing Professionals should share Technical Knowledge with the Public, foster awareness of Computing, and encourage understanding of computing ... Important issues include the impacts of computer systems, their limitations, their vulnerabilities, and the opportunities that they present"


"By getting to repeat certain words over and over again, the team has managed to extract all sorts of training data – including bits of code, explicit content from dating websites, paragraphs from novels and poems, account information like Bitcoin addresses"


"(Foxconn) Chinese engineers are flying to India to train the next generation of iPhone builders"


OK .. makes sense :-) .. I might by a couple of them just to try them out. As there is a hardware video encoder onboard, I assume the csi camera connector is there not without a reason 🤔


I used to run OpenWRT on 64MB RAM + 8MB Flash boards, and then both the WiFi router as well as a Modbus gateway app. That was ~8 years ago, but I think it is still reasonable.


just out of interest, what would be a practicle application to run on a linux-board with just 64M of RAM? Media player?

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