>WayDroid can run Android apps on Linux without slowdowns
>WayDroid renders the graphical buffer in LXC with direct Wayland support (the display server now used by many Linux distributions), which makes it smoother than the original Anbox project.

I am writing a #rustlang driver for the SD Card on Longan Nano (gd32vf103 #risc-v). No luck so far putting the card in SPI mode (the very first step 😞).
I bought a 10 € logic analyzer in the hope to find out what is wrong


@chjara @lupyuen SPIR-V is very low level, you want something compiling into it. But Vulkan compute does look very good and I'd like to see more support for it in scientific fields, for which a language that compiles to SPIR-V (like hopefully Triton will?) would be a great help.

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