Rushabh Gala talks about Google Summer of Code () and his contributions to Apache RTOS 🎉

"when it comes to the algorithm problems after 2021, ’s ability to generate functionally correct code is affected. It sometimes fails to understand the meaning of questions, even for easy level problems"

"State Micro’s SM486s are clearly an exact replica of Intel’s 486 CPUs ... It remains unclear how State Micro obtained Intel’s 486 IPs"

Let’s create a Emulator for Sophgo SG2000 SoC, Pine64 SBC and Milk-V Duo S … Thanks to (the emulator, not the small flightless bird)

#alt4you Screenshot from the linked repo, text: "Creating the SG2000 Emulator... Doesn’t look so hard?

Yeah I'm begging all RISC-V SoC Makers: Please provide a Software Emulator for your RISC-V SoC! A

Just follow the steps in this article to create your RISC- V Emulator. Some SoC Peripherals might be missing, but a Barebones Emulator is still super helpful for porting, booting and testing any Operating System."


@lupyuen So true. Honestly, I think there should at least be a minimal emulator for every SoC. It helps a lot with operating system development.

@lupyuen maybe I should persuade all SoCs with PCIe to implement PCIe-CPU coherency (because currently Linux in-tree GPU drivers require it)

"I’m begging all SoC Makers: Please provide a Software Emulator for your RISC-V SoC!" 🙏 🙏 🙏


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