"US$279 million Whistleblower award issued by the Securities and Exchange Commission ... stemmed from a Bribery case against Swedish telecommunications company "


(UK) "NHS Trusts are sharing intimate details about Patients’ medical conditions, appointments and treatments with without consent" (Meta Pixel)


" projects integral to ’s operations and beyond were chosen as the recipients of the company’s inaugural FOSS Contributor Fund" (curl / Celery / Apache Arrow)


"Dev Home is a new control center for ... to monitor Projects in your Dashboard using customizable widgets"


@lupyuen Just like what they tried to do with fan games.

@lupyuen and here's me thinking swatting only happens to streamers, unbelievable that someone would do this to free software devs.


With regard to Distance learning, you may want to give the Open University a mention (open.ac.uk) they have been doing distance learning since the early 1970s, and have used TV broadcasts in the early mornings for some of their lesson content.

"I've stepped down as lead developer of ... I'm unable to handle the escalating level of harassment including recent swatting attacks"


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