Project Fugu: "make it possible for developers to do anything on the Web that Platform-specific apps can"

"Hacktoberfest welcomes people of any experience level to participate, and Low-Code and Non-Code contributions are fantastic choices"

Developer Boards program: "Want a free board? Submit a proposal for a project"

@lupyuen Another point: it's better to be parsimonious when it comes to the number of dependencies in a project.

Spray-on Dress: "scientists applied a misty liquid that transformed, almost instantly, into a Wearable Material"

Sensing Water-Saving Showerhead: "the device includes several sensors (across a wide range of light wavelengths) and software that allows the sensors to self-calibrate"

@lupyuen I don't think that Genera is a research project. Writing a kernel in Lisp is essential in history. I don't know why people don't mention it.

@lupyuen I hope Iced can display Khmer, Thai, etc. correctly.

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