Finished migrating 40 articles from Medium to GitHub Pages yay! 🎉 ... Check out the restored articles: STM32 Blue Pill, nRF52, GD32 VF103, NB-IoT, Mynewt, Visual Rust

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@torresjrjr @freemo @lupyuen Man, SourceHut's been lookin' like a real good GitHub contender for a while now. I wish it was more popular!

@lupyuen i have built a thin wrapper around medium api to host my images on medium and use that link in my github pages 😅. And using other tools to convert medium posts into markdowns and my own script to format it best for my hugo template for GitHub pages... It's still not mature so i have to run 3 scripts and at last give a finishing touch sometimes..but that removes a lot of repetitive and boring work.. plus it may some time for you as well

"If Tomorrow Were Your Next Life" 🤔 ... 如果明天就是下一生 - 木樓合唱團 Müller Chamber

@freemo @lupyuen as a workaround you can use pocket or more FOSS-friendly version - wallabag. It cuts off a lot of useless info from the page leaving all important stuff and you can read it later from web or phone/tablet (in this case even offline).

@lupyuen Thank you for this, as a reader/consumer I hate medium (or any service that requires a login to read). As a rule if i see a link is a medium article I wont even open it. So appreciate that you reconize that and share it through other more open means too.

@lupyuen Was it a place like Radio Shack was when I was a kid? You could go there and buy some random value of resistor or cap. Get 555's on sale sometimes... Very long ago :-(

@lupyuen There's no need for docker and other tooling, just Debian and QEMU

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