"Titanium Dioxide is used to brighten whites ... Research shows the chemical is likely a neurotoxin and immunotoxin"


K-EmoPhone: "real-world Multimodal Dataset collected from 77 students over seven days ... (1) continuous probing of peripheral physiological signals and mobility data ... (2) context and interaction data collected from individuals’ smartphones ... (3) 5,582 self-reported affect states"


@lupyuen Apparently the AI should know a bit more about the world around it. Just completing the mission, no matter the cost, isn’t really the kind of philosophy you would want your soldiers to have.

Graydon Hoare: "Maintaining isn't low-value work. It's essential work, stuff that you ignore at your medium and long-term peril"


Graydon Hoare: "is there some sort of original sin or fatal flaw in the Project's governance ... that's to blame for its frequent internal sociopolitical crises?"



This is every AI scifi plot come to life. 😆

@lupyuen It is not so secret when they keep trying to openly scam everyone via phone calls, emails, web browser pop ups, and malware daily.

"In a Simulated Test staged by the US military, an air force drone controlled by AI "killed" its operator to prevent it from interfering with its efforts to achieve its mission"


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