Is user friendly for you as an editor?

@farooqkz I understand wikimedia format well enough to do most anything... I find it very ugly and hard to read, particularlywhen doing complex stuff.

@freemo I was asking about the user interface not the wiki markup.

@farooqkz which user interface? As an ediror the only thing you have access to is a huge text box, a smaller text box, and some basic buttons... If we are talking strictly UI there isnt much to it as an editor

That said, yes, i find that part easy to use.

@freemo As an editor you have to navigate through the website. Discuss things with others or find other's help. Or ask a third party's view when arguing with someone. You sometimes need to investigate more about something. e.g. a category or a user or a page. And a lot of other things.

@farooqkz thats all fair points.. and why there can sometimes be annoying social aspects to debating an edit.. all in all I find those aspects easy to use personally.

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