#Matrix subreddit has basically told me that if I want basic features like roles and #emotes I need to learn am entire #programming language and both write and host my own #bot.

This is why no one uses Matrix.

@rogueren I don't know about emotes but doesn't support roles like does. And I don't think roles are such a super useful feature which makes people leave Matrix for Discord. I think what Matrix currently lacks are good and efficient server and client softwares. The protocol is rapidly changing and it's not easy for developers to keep up to date. So we have only one server software which supports every feature and only one client software in the same state.

@farooqkz @rogueren There is not a single client that implements all features. Element is lacking several features from the Matrix specification, especially in the default configuration. :)


@deepbluev7 @rogueren

Oh wow I didn't know. But I think Element is yet the most feature complete client out there.

@farooqkz @rogueren I don't think that is really true or at least it would need more research than guessing. There are clients that have 3 more features and Element has 5 more features than those clients. Since features come in different sizes, it really matters what features you need in the comparison than the raw count. By default Element doesn't have pinned messages, custom emotes, status messages, knocking, tags, stories and a few more things. Many others do have that.

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