I was feeling good this week, anyway here is a pic of me - I grew some boobs this year, I am quite proud of them Yeah I know I am old - in my 50s, but it's never too late guys!

@ChristiJunior just out of intrest post a pic of you, and we'll see who is the ulgiest, yeah?

@favus @ChristiJunior Yeah, like anyone with half a fucking brain is gonna doxx themselves, retard :keku:
@favus @Ronnie21093 @ChristiJunior we've seen what you faggots do to people who show their faces and use their real names. No one here is gonna take your stupid bait. You're having a midlife crisis and should have bought a motorcycle or wrote a shitty book instead
Good job not only are you ugly as a woman your ugly as a man
Your fucked!
@favus Can you try being invisible instead? Nobody wants to see this disgusting shit :vomit:

@locagainstwall oh here we go, we woke up the amine secret femboy fan base.. enjoy your unrealistic futa porn! :P

@favus Futa is for faggots, but still. You wish you were even half as attractive as one, since they usually look like women. You on the other hand are just a faggot in a dress and will never pass.

@locagainstwall oh no! I am a faggot? best not tell the wife eh?

It would seem to be some kind of goblin.

Maybe an orc?

Hard to tell
You look like what would arrive if someone ordered a woman on alibaba
@favus You look like a $3 blow up doll ordered from the back pages of a comic book.
At first I thought you were joking but holy fuck was an ugly motherfucker
@favus did someone hit you in the face to look like that? Also i thought people stopped making poor choices in their 30's - 40's and here you are fucking up in your 50's. Well it's your life :shrug:
>I grew some boobs this year, I am quite proud of them
Not a fetish btw
@favus #Transvisibilityday

Look at this old ugly faggot with a face like a bloated hooker and a pair of flesh pancakes tucked in his top.

Grandpa? More like Grand reason to keep children away from this creature.
It was too late for you when you slithered out of your mom's stench. KILL YOURSELF YOU FUCKIGN FAKE TINY TITTIED TRANNY
Feeling good? Was your goal to look like a freak? An abomination against God? Nightmare fuel? You achieved all 3.

You will never a be a woman. You can keep trying and eventually your realization that you can never achieve your goal will hit and you will end yourself. Remember, when you use a razor blade, it's long ways for success. I believe you can do it.

yeah you don't pass, in fact you look hideous and no man no matter how drunk will ever honestly think you are a woman.

you have crossed the biological event horizon, there is no going back, the only choice you have left is embracing the hold metal of the nearest firearm and pulling that small trigger and embracing your only option from your terrible life choices.

I wish it was different, I wish our society was not so evil where your mental illness was encouraged, but those hopes are long gone and you only have one option left
you're disgusting. Stop dressing like a woman. you are an embarrassment to Whites.
@favus Makeup and tits don't make you look any less like a fat version of Saul Goodman.
@favus Buffalo bill looking fucker

nothing about your Neanderthal brow or five o'clock shadow says woman

You look look worse than a female nigger.

If your trans vengeance is making people repulsed then you are succeeding
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