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HBO announcing "Transphobic Woman's Show About Wizards", "Harmful Stereotypes About Autism" and "The One With Incest And Rape And Incest Rape" at the same time as announcing the removal of the HBO brand from their online presence is certainly a statement

well I am back from my short holiday, what did I miss? camping was cool btw.. weather was not great, but I do love a cozy MRE and a warm sleeping bag! And nature obvs

blimey the anonymous weebs are a bit snowflakey aren't they?

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I was feeling good this week, anyway here is a pic of me - I grew some boobs this year, I am quite proud of them Yeah I know I am old - in my 50s, but it's never too late guys!

Tried to film my cat snoring clearly not stealthy enough

My tits are killing today.. and itchy... a bra helps but jeez! why didn't anyone tell me this was going to hurt? Puberty happened so long ago I forgot..

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I have canceled my #NewYorkTimes subscription in solidarity with the #trans community. Some things aren't up for debate, and I won't pay to platform those who believe otherwise.

They're pretty shit on COVID too.


I've bee4n on hormones for 3 months now, and I have tits, and it's weird, but I like it

I shaved my face tonight, it took literally 2 minutes, The electrolysis is really working. One more session and I won't have to go back for 3 months! Finally making progress

finally got a bra, that fits, my tits don't hurt when i go down stairs! game changer...

been on hormones since Jan, I have boobs now, my wife has bought me 4 bras - I need them now

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Boost if you are:

* A furry
* A mythical being
* A cryptid
* 25 small creatures in a trenchcoat
* Beautiful, unique and amazing
* So horny you can barely stand it

Nobody will ever know which one.

;3 💙

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I saw a toot that said that the world needs more cisgendered people supporting #trans folk in public. so, here's my part:

trans rights are human rights.

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Psst: if you're seeing this, you're hot. Boost so everyone knows. 😋

Birdsite is broke, rekons I have tweeted too much today I hardly tweeted at all!

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