We are launching , a website for doing full text search on fediverse content.

This could be very useful for small instances users that are missing full text searches, just about anyone else who is looking for a blazing fast fediverse search engine.

We have a well behaved indexer that honors users' preference on opting out status indexing.

Please give it a try and let us know what you think.

@a7 @fedisearch I never understood why elephant fornicators feel so concerned about trash they produced in public :cirnoThink:

@roka @fedisearch you think they would welcome surveilance with how much they want to police speech

@fedisearch there's also
But sometimes it doesn't work.
So it's good to see one more independent fedi search engine...

Thanks. I think search social was constantly under heavy load. Part of why this project was started was because of the lack of a good public ally available search engine that respects people's privacy

@fedisearch what I’m wondering here is if this move counters the anti-stalking mechanism. From the creator’s manual, by challenge the ‘search’ engine, one will be protected from stalkers if they have any.

Understood the concern, but we don't see this as a threat to any user in the fediverse.

Allow us to elaborate:
Even when mastodon purposefully dumbed down the search functionality, pleroma and misskey search are still functioning at full capacity. Also, if content producers allowed search indexing, their content would've been searchable on Google as well. Https:// respects every content producers' privacy; as long as they turn on noindex option, none of their content would be indexed by us.

@fedisearch What is misskey ? Looks like a good idea, I will share on my Blog (or schedule it for later as I like to try and get at least 1 post per day) so may be Dec 1st.

Does this just include the services listed or does it also include peertube, friendica etc too.

I am sorry to barge in here. Fedisearch is not listening to requests made by users. Their interface does not allow you to request a removal. Even worse, they do not listen to requests made by people to reindex posts on the fediverse so they have indexed posts from Hubzilla that do not even exist anymore. Neither to they reindex pixelfed sites and they do not notice accounts state they are locked for the fedisearch so they should remove them.

They are not opensource and to be honest, you would even have better results if you let google index it. Google allows you to let them reindex, to remove urls, etc...

@fedisearch will you be including everything #activitypub like #peertube #writeas #pixelfed #funkwhale etc?

This could be THE killer fedi app:) Giving it a try right now.

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