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Local Harbour - Photo taken in colour and black and white.

Rope Coil

Yes I am still alive and no I did not forget about my account on fedi

and with that

hello everybody!

#LibrePlanet workshops start next week! "Installing ourselves into LibrePlanet," "Translators and free software, a practical introduction to OmegaT," and more at

Missed this year's #LibrePlanet conference? No worries -- we have you covered! Videos are now published on FramaTube and MediaGoblin. Read more at

Torbay Trojans 2022

Fixtures 2022
10/4 – Bristol – Home
17/4 – Somerset – Away
15/5 – Bristol – Home
29/5 – Cornwall – Away
5/6 – Somerset - Home
17/7 – Bristol – Away
24/7 – Somerset – Home
7/8 – Cornwall - Away

Amazon rainforest is losing its ability to recover from destruction - Enlarge / Deforestation in Amazon to create grazing for cattle. (credit... - #amazonrainforest #climatechange #deforestation #amazonriver #science

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