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Local Harbour - Photo taken in colour and black and white.

Rope Coil

I have said it before, but this site and the people who make it what it is, and my Fediverse friends have been one of the most important things in my life, in particular right now I would not be where I am if I had never set up a Fediverse server. My faith and my parents are tied for first, and the Fediverse and everything that has sprung from it are almost certainly number two. @sim has been a consistent fixture of positive influence on me, my Northern Star. @lain has given me tools and friendship to help me to grow and excel in unexpected ways. And @rw propelled me to break through and achieve my dreams and to evolve into the person I wanted to be, things prior to meeting him I wasn't sure would ever happen. There are many others, more than I could enumerate in one sitting. I am sorry if this sounds too florid to be authentic, but my life is immeasurably better now than it was ten years ago and I noticed the other day that I was happy.

**New way to find cancer at the nanometer scale**

"Researchers describe a new liquid biopsy method using lab-on-a-chip technology that they believe can detect cancer before a tumor is even formed. Using magnetic particles coated in a specially designed bonding agent, the liquid biopsy chip attracts and captures particles containing cancer-causing biomarkers. …"

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Yes as a STEM instance the point oif inclusivity of fringe ideas is essentially for us to discuss and learn how to approach those subjects. We have to be able to ask questions even if those questions are uncomfortable.

But I’d say the same is true even of non-STEM instances. We need to get back to being okay with being uncomfortable and not to equate uncomfortable with immoral.

@b6hydra @stux @ern

Trying this again : do you have instance recommandations for nsfw art?
Since art-alley closed all i found were instances blocked by my motherinstance or places so small it feels like i'm entering someone's private conversations
Boost please, and Thanks


Agreed, I think the approach we have here is the best middle ground we could hope for. Of course people will misunderstand and cause drama, thats inevitable. We can just try to explain the why and do the best we can to be ethical and inclusive at the same time. A challenge yes, but I think here at QOTO we are an example of that being possible.

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I mean sure, the truely extremist and oppressive end of the spectrum of feminists I’m sure would be offended by anything that depicts sexuality. While im all for the fediverse giving them the power to exist and be able to block the vast majority of servers that allow this I think it would be counter productive to try and care about the presence of sexuality in the fediverse in an attempt to appeal to a radicalized extremist group that represents a small portion of the population.

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Yes that is certainly true. But to my point you will get that result on either end of the spectrum. So damned if you try to censor everyone, damned if you try to give free speech.

If you are damned no matter what you might as well go the route of empowerment and give both sides what they want.

@b6hydra @stux @ern

Well, the Japanese porn is a huge cultural divide that won’t be reconciled anytime soon. A lot of the porn the comes out of the US/UK would be illegal there just like some of the anime is here. I don’t really have an answer for you on that. Racial epithets and referring to women as “females” isn’t a great look, I agree, but at this point is anyone unfamiliar with the fact that people are dicks on the internet?
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Its a tricky word. Obviously when used with the intent to be insulting it is deplorable. But when the black community itself promoting and accepting the use of the word as a positive identifier used in a positive way in music and everyday conversation, then it simply isnt that straight forward. Ultimately for obvious reasons they, as a community, determine if we embrace or reject the word and what the correct context, if any may be. Generally most (thought not all) seem to find it a perfectly acceptable casual word to us when 1) ending in -a and 2) not used explicitly as a pejorative.

That said while I personally dont make use of the word, simply because I dont tend to adopt much slang in general, it is socially more or less acceptable given the context here.

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We're hiring! Tactical Tech is offering an #internship position for a student or a junior professional to assist #TheGlassRoom project in the process of preparing materials and supporting global partners. Apply by 29th October!

Trump’s TRUTH Social May Violate Terms of Open-Source Code It’s Built On

ISayWeOnlyToBePolite writes:

The new social network founded by former President Trump may violate the terms of use of the software on which it is based. On Wednesday night, after Trump revealed the TRUTH social app, Twitter users began to note that the network appeared to be based on an open-source social networking software called Mastodon, which allows people to modify the underlying code so long as they abide by its license. But the Trump network appears to have taken the publicly available code for the website while violating the terms that make it free to use.

Mastodon founder Eugen Rochko told TPM in an email that TRUTH appeared to violate the terms of use that the software sets forth: making the source code available, and having a copy of the general product license available to users. “I do intend to seek legal counsel on the situation though,” Rochko told TPM, while declining to discuss any specific legal action he may be contemplating. “Compliance with our AGPLv3 license is very important to me as that is the sole basis upon which I and other developers are willing to give away years of work for free,” Rochko added.

The AGPL license mandates that software developed for free – like Mastodon – remain publicly available after its been modified. Under the license, TRUTH needs to share any modifications to Mastodon’s code. The requirement allows developers to remain aware of how the software is being used so long as its run on public servers, continuing the chain by which different open-source developers continue to work on and further modify code that’s been created.

Former President Trump announced plans to launch the social media platform yesterday, saying his goal is to rival the tech companies that have denied him the megaphone that was paramount to his rise. TRUTH social will be open to “invited users” for a beta launch in November, with plans for it to launch publicly beginning early next year.

With that said, the “invite only” system has already run into some problems, according to Slashdot reader slack_justyb. Some users were able to sign up to create accounts using a publicly available link, allowing them to generate their own handles, like \@donaldtrump.

. #mastodon #fediverse #trump #donaldtrump .

BREAKING: Zusätzlich zum Willy-Brandt-Haus blockiert #FridaysForFuture in diesem Moment die Parteizentrale von @Die_Gruenen.

Mit grün angestrichenem Kapitalismus und gefährlichen Kompromissen werden wir die Klimakrise nicht bekämpfen. #IhrLasstUnsKeineWahl

@ern @b6hydra @zleap Absolutely ❤️ :cat_hug_triangle:​ that's very important for these kinda communities I guess, there shouldn't be one person in charge but multiple 💪

@stux @b6hydra @zleap if we all look out for each other and help anyone who needs help, this place will only get better 😊

@stux @b6hydra @zleap I think it’s great that we can openly debate all these things here 👍

@ern I felt the same way when I first joined but I’ve come to appreciate a more unfiltered view of things. I mute a lot of bots and block some people who post a lot of NSFW stuff, but I like that it’s my choice to do so. I actually think the big instances should be more upfront about the fact that they block or silence half or more of all ActivityPub users.
@zleap @stux is going offline for server maintenance. it should be back in about a half hour.

@zleap wonder if I start my own Mastodon instance I can make more features or are all instances just hemmed in by the Mastodon builds cc @stux

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