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**When it comes to DNA repair, it's not one tool fits all**

"Researchers studied double-strand breaks with complex damage and found that enzyme tools to resect the breaks are highly specific to the type of break to be repaired."

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The mental dysfunction — an infectious condition — that says everything in the world must be patented should be resisted
All these "alternatives" are equally bad if not worse... but OK, I get it.. controlled by Trump = "good" and controlled by CPC by proxy means "EVIL!"

Just spotted this on Twitter
Sharing as you may be interested. I can see that given she is facing 35 years, she will talk to get a shorter jail term. Could be very awkward for people.

Fox News segment crops Trump out of a photo with Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell
On Sunday evening, Fox News ran a segment about Ghislaine Maxwell, who was charged last week with the sex trafficking of children in the 1990s. The clip featured a photo of Jeffrey Epstein and Maxwell with the image of President Trump cropped out. A spokesperson for the network said the editing was done by mistake: "We regret the error."

My response is 'yeah right it was an error'

Will #LibreOffice 7.0 be only Personal Edition for individual use??? I hope it doesn't mean they 'pull a StarOffice' again, with a proprietary/limited edition

It's Independence Day today in the US. It is important that we recognize today both that this country is badly screwed up, but also that it can be fixed if we commit to doing so. Those are some of the most important parts of patriotism. Celebrating your country without recognizing its flaws is not patriotic, it is nationalistic.

0 A.D. is a free open source real time strategy game with a historical setting (sort of like "Age of Empires"). The developers are on the Fediverse:


The alpha version is available for Windows, Mac and Linux from the official site:

If you want to help development or donate to the project, you can find out how on their website.

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Happy 10th Birthday Friendica!

Ten years ago the 1st commit to the git repository of Mistpark was made by Mike Macgirvin, a project that since has become Friendica accumulating some 27.000 commits contributing the work of more then 250 people from all around the world. Together we have build a social media platform that had many faces over the […]

"Some people contribute because they believe in the Four Freedoms and the power that these freedoms have to foster equality and equity for all people. Whatever reasons you have for wanting to contribute, always remember that’s exactly what those reasons are: yours."

**First confirmed underwater Aboriginal archaeological sites found off Australian coast**

"Ancient submerged Aboriginal archaeological sites await underwater rediscovery off the coast of Australia, according to a study."

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Free Webinar - Overleaf for Institutions -

Join John Hammersley, CEO and co-founder of Overleaf, on 2 July for our webinar looking at how Overleaf is being used successfully at institutions worldwide, and walking you through the various features that can benefit your institution.

Register now - 2 July - 11am ET/4pm BST -

**Geologists identify deep-earth structures that may signal hidden metal lodes**

"Scientists have discovered previously unrecognized structural lines 100 miles or more down in the earth that appear to signal the locations of giant deposits of copper, lead, zinc and other vital metals lying close enough to the surface to be mined, but too far down to be found …"

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Sharing this for general interest plus we have Next Cloud of course

It's clear that you can’t count on large tech companies to secure data sufficiently. The more important point is that passwords do not offer sufficient security. Most experts agree that it is time for a radical change. But how? A few solutions exist!

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Torbay Covid 19 plan:

New measures to help prevent and contain cases of coronavirus in Torbay and safeguard the health of local people are being published today - Tuesday 30 June. Find out more at

**New treatment for common form of muscular dystrophy shows promise in cells, animals**

"Researchers have designed a potential new treatment for one of the most common forms of muscular dystrophy. Medical researchers have created and tested synthetic DNA-like molecules that interfere with the production of a toxic protein that destroys the muscles of people w…"

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