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So, with the recent news of the potential upcoming general election, the subject of voting and voter ID is gonna be coming up again


But if you do not have a valid ID there are options!! You can apply for a free voter ID card from here

BUT I don't believe this counts as valid ID for anything else.


I hope the National Union of Students is still doing this but you might also be able to get a Citizen ID card for FREE when you use code "NUS" at checkout. I got my free card last time we had local elections and the code still worked then, otherwise it's £18. If the code no longer works please tell me so I can edit this post as needed.

Please please please don't just not vote, this might be the most important general election that we've seen in a long ass time

Please share so as many people see this as possible

A new study reveals a significant link between higher temperatures at night and increased stroke risk, particularly in the elderly and women.

Researchers analyzed 15 years of data from Augsburg University Hospital and found a 7% increased risk of stroke following tropical nights. The study emphasizes the need for adaptation strategies and urban planning adjustments to mitigate the impact on public health. #ClimateChange

Are there any grants that you can apply to at the #postdoc stage to do data analysis?

#Academia #Neuroscience


You can do perfectly good computing on a ZX Spectrum.

I love how this is today’s hot topic. Very Fedi. :pg:

I switched to Linux a few months ago, I use Linux Mint and even made it a dual boot, but I've literally not had to use windows at all.

Mint was easy to install and has a very friendly and active support forum

It's super similar to Windows, to the point that if you press the windows button on your keyboard and type "excel" it brings up the open office equivalent

KAFKAESQUE: Students at Emory University built an AI study tool. They pitched it to the university at an entrepreneurship competition. They won "grand prize" and $10,000 to build the tool. They built the tool.

The school's Honor Council suspended them for cheating and for building API support into the tool, which is what they pitched

BREAKING: Israeli officials seize AP equipment, cut live feed citing new media law

@zleap @hedders @MissConstrue @david_megginson @pneumaculturist @countcol a lot of 60s and 70s comedy is like that, a dual level of meaning going on.

Two Ronnies is another classic example of different laughs as an adult than a child.

Windows Recall, enabling the AI assistant to “access virtually what you have seen or done on your PC in a way that feels like having photographic memory

*puts on family violence policy hat* :blob_cat_ohnoes: :oh_no_bubble:

*puts on IT hat* :blob_cat_ohnoes: :oh_no_bubble:

*puts on medical ethics hat* :blob_cat_ohnoes: :oh_no_bubble:

*puts on data analyst hat* :blob_cat_ohnoes: :oh_no_bubble:

*puts on anarchist hat* :blobredpandanarchist: :oh_no_bubble:

Jesus fucking christ Windows...


If anyone wonders why I moved to Godot, it's probably because it's the only engine that's a first class citizen on Linux...

10 more days to apply! Postdoc position: Working on fair AI and interested to combine normative and empirical research? Come work with me other Leiden colleagues on fair educational assessment in the age of AI.

Deadline May 31st.
For more details:

@academicchatter @dutchacademics @politicalscience @histodons @philosophy

Netanyahu, spitting out his dummy at the #ICC, says the IDF is "the world's most moral army".

Goebbels will be chuckling in hell tonight.

#Gaza #Palestine #CeasefireNOW #IsraelWarCrimes #IsraelGenocide #StopArmsSalesToIsrael

Microsoft has announced a new AI-powered feature for Windows 11 called 'Recall,' which records everything you do on your PC and lets you search through your historical activities.

🚨 The International Criminal Court is seeking arrest warrants for Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu and Defence Minister Yoav Gallant, as well as Yahya Sinwar and other Hamas leaders, for crimes against humanity.

Foreign Secretary David Cameron must now resign over his complicity in Israeli war crimes, which the UK Government has ignored clear and overwhelming evidence of throughout the last 7 months.

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