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Local Harbour - Photo taken in colour and black and white.

Rope Coil

I'm noticing a lot of "I'm bored of Mastodon, I'm going back to #Twitter" posts.

In case they are genuine, here's what I've found works:

⚫ try to post content, not complaints. People want to engage with you, not your gripes

⚫ try to learn. If you're putting in an effort to be part of the community, the community will welcome you

⚫ Try to avoid posting links to tweets, definitely don't cross-post. People want Mastodon content

⚫ Reply! Reply! Reply! Everyone wants to know someone's reading and considering their content, even you

⚫ Don't lurk. Many of us check for a filled out profile, avatars, and posts, before we follow someone back

⚫ Chill. It's a big new world that doesn't serve everything up to you

⚫ Avoid the trap of rebuilding Twitter here

Feel free to link this post to people struggling with Mastodon. It's what I've found works, and may not work for everyone

very very long, why schools should use free software 

@oklomsy You make some good points, one of them being funding.

The biggest issue is funding and IT tends to be underfunded in many schools as a result. This leads to what the cheapest employees can make work and lock-in to Google platforms for the promised low to no cost. Google Apps and Chromebooks were one of the worst technological evolutions to ever take place in schools.

I’m a big advocate for open source and I’ve seen it used effectively in schools, but with how hard it is to find staff willing to accept the lower pay the pool of candidates becomes even smaller when moving outside of the software “everyone uses”.

This is just my observation from spending many years involved with K-12 IT in the US both as a direct employee and a contractor.

Why Did Roman Baths Disappear?

New research contests the myth that it was Christianity’s opposition to public nudity that led to the decline in large-scale bathing in the late Roman Empire.

"Jordan Pickett, an archaeologist and environmental historian at the University of Georgia, reveals that a combination of social, financial, and environmental challenges contributed to the decline of large public bathing complexes in Rome and elsewhere in the Empire."


And so this gamification of science, as NASA proposes, will add not only a layer of competition and personal exposure, but also be dangerous for the integrity of science overall, be nearly unworkable for scientists who have families (again, esp. females), and create more inequities. Like today’s careers in medicine in the U.S., who would want to go into #astronomy under these working conditions? 5/5

#science #nasa #space #astronomy #astrodon

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🚨Breaking: Following our complaints from 2018, Meta's business model has been declared illegal in the EU. The EDPB decided that Meta cannot force users to agree to personalized ads.
Read our full statement here:

big: #Meta's business model declared illegal in the EU according to WSJ. #Facebook, #Instagram and #WhatsApp can no longer run personalized ads without user consent - micro-targeted ads out, no more RTB. Meta will appeal of course, so only provisional... #privacy

Researchers say space atomic clocks could help uncover the nature of dark matter

"Studying an atomic clock on-board a spacecraft inside the orbit of Mercury and very near to the Sun might be the trick to uncovering the nature of dark matter, suggests a new study published in Nature Astronomy."


Reminder for tomorrow's talk in the camp.

Title: What is Free/Libre Software? ...why it should matter to you and how to choose a free life.

By: Abhas Abhinav

Date and Time: 07-December-2022 02:00 PM Indian Time

Meeting link:

Looking forward to see you there!

Poster credits: VGLUG

@annsmiley @Larkistin89 @captainrevo

So far I know of two. Feel free to create an account with one of us and migrate over. We'd love to have you join us:

The fediverse doesn’t need to win over anything else. It does not need to challenge, threaten, or dominate any other community or service. All it needs to do is serve its existing members and be a good place for new people to join. Becoming a safer space is much more likely to contribute to its longevity than ‘winning’ mass adoption from ex-Twitter users in the short term.

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Over the next 2 weeks, we'll be celebrating the 50th anniversary of #Apollo17: the last time humans set foot on the Moon. Follow along as we revisit breathtaking photos 📸, drive a lunar rover 🚗, explore Moon rocks, and more!

Microsoft replaced human editors with AI and now MSN (which reaches a billion readers per month) is churning out fake news and bogus stories about mermaids and bigfoot.

If I absolutely have to use Teams, I'll do through a browser, but I'll never install it on one of my Linux machines: How to Install Microsoft Teams in Ubuntu, Fedora, and Other Linux

EmacsConf 2022: Using SQLite as a data source: a framework and an example - Andrew Hyatt (he/him)


UNHCR notes with concern the proposals presented in a report issued today by the Centre for Policy Studies on UK asylum reform.

It contains critical factual and legal errors regarding the international legal status of refugees and asylum-seekers. More:


Telethon Kids Institute researchers discover new form of antimicrobial resistance

"Australian researchers have uncovered a new form of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) – undetectable using traditional laboratory testing methods – in a discovery set to challenge existing efforts to monitor and tackle one of the world’s greatest health threats."



A marine biologist told me once that a fish’s (for these purposes, we’ll consider a shark a fish) entire usual thought process is:

1. Swim around looking for something to eat.
2. Eat the thing.
3. Repeat.

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