Some notes regarding Fedisearch and opensource .

We mentioned earlier that is not opensource. Despite many benefit opensourcing could bring to the community, we have reservations:

Disabling fedisearch's compliance mechanism to robots.txt and robots meta tag is quite trivial.

Having folks run individual deployment of fedisearch that indifferently indexes everyone's content would severely damage fedisearch's reputation, and most likely will kill this project in its incubation.

Hence, no opensource, unless there's a good solution to the problem above.

@fedisearch I don't think that there is anything that can damage your reputation more than being a proprietary service in this network.

Gotta love the monstrous JS tracker as well. For all the administrative purposes of course, soooo many administrative purposes.
"Accurately measure the time spent on each page"
"Internal search tracking"
"User ID"
"Content Tracking"
"Download and Outlink tracking"

@namark I don't see mastodon and other community publically deny access to the network from close sourced software. Would you want to substantiate?

The use of analytic solutions on fedisearch is fully disclosed in our privacy policy; data collected are not personally identifiable.

@fedisearch are you for real?

I dare you to find the one that is not under freaking AGPL license, spoiler alert - it's MIT.

Please contact the developers of each of these projects and ask them precisely "how much they love your proprietary software", then have the same discussion with the designers of activity pub. Free software culture is the backbone and the whole point of this entire network.



I'll leave the link to Toot! a well received iOS app for mastodon, commercial and proprietary, yet makes 4.5/5 stars on 132 ratings.

And, publicly endorsed by mastodon

Withdrawing from further discussions

@fedisearch @namark Also proprietary and hardcodes blocks on servers arbitrarily without disclosing the blocklist.

That's the whole point though. @fedisearch here aspires to be just as successful at exploiting their userbase in this network.

@fedisearch it's not an endorsement it's a list of compatible apps... obviously the ones on the notoriously anti-free-software platform are going to be proprietary. Apple store is incompatible with GPL, and making a permissive license project for their platform is asking for a proprietary fork that will just add a feature and sell better.

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