Have you watched this?


Why haven't you watched this?

Watch this or get out :V

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vague rant 

frivolous variable naming 

but why are those gliders leaving trails? no those are not video artifacts(the discoloration and random red patches are), those are the ancestors!

alright, might have been a compiler quirk, the newer version doesn't seem to do it... but now I'm paranoid.

how in the world can -DNDEBUG or -fno-rtti make code slower?! >.<

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In fact, everybody should use tor browser, so the traffic and the user base will be so huge that surveilling that would be pretty much a lose battle.
We can do it! Use Tor Network and TorBrowser!

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I failed to design a CPU yesterday specifically suited to voice recognition, but today I'd like to explain how I'd (naively) design a general purpose CPU to address their current vulnerabilities.

Basically I'd add length & permissions data to every pointer (making them 128bits long), and store a bitmask indicating which bytes are pointers. Thereby moving more fine-grained security checks into the hardware.

This would break *some* C programs, but the damage should be minimal and worth it.

@freemo I swear domain subscription worked a few moments ago, but now it's like this

riddle: no ambition of its own, waits, to be acted upon. 

ah, lets check out the examples folder of this nice library made for humans, I'm sure it's minimal in its scope to demonstrate basic usage, and ease you into more complex stuff.
*sees a huge monstrosity that accepts like 20 command line parameters, handles intricacies of some completely unrelated file format and uses every API it possibly could for its purpose, while meticulously checking for all possible errors* -_-

Let's make a video of my project and share it with the world! How hard could it be?

*Your 10+ year old laptop can't record your project at reasonable frame rate.* Alright, I have full control of the rendering, I'll integrate a video encoder into my project and encode the frames directly. Let's try libtheora, how hard could it be?

*Theora uses a different color space, and conversion rules are specified from it to RGB not the other way around, so you need to solve a set of linear equations*
I learnt how to solve a set of linear equations at school, it was a lot of fun, but alas I vowed to never do homework again. Also solving them and then hard-coding my solution would make it difficult to verify against the original specification, therefore I'll essentially duplicate the specification in code, and then write a program that would solve the equations at compile time and embed the solutions wherever the conversion is necessary.

Why is everything so hard? -_-

*Can't you just use your ~5 year old desktop instead?*
... NO!

exploiting intellectuals for my mathematical needs 

I spend several minutes to convince myself that all common divisors of two natural numbers are divisors of their greatest common divisor... no wonder my projects move at a snail's pace.

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