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old code new question: can you spot the undefined behaviour? omg! and how can I ever recover from this?

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false dichotomy - rejected half the time

false equivalence relation - rejected once per the number of equivalence classes

false total order - accepted most of the time

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guess the language! 

unnecessary indirection,
unnecessary allocation,
unnecessary bound checks,
runtime type information,
overuse of abstractions,
global state in libraries,
long names.
repeated half-assed reference counting,
repeated half-assed implementations of common data structures/algorithms,
tons of fragile platform specific code.

many unforeseen difficulties later got to play a proper game against Steamhammer

somehow broke Stardust's fragile dragoon micro, so can't get totally crushed by it as of yet

*grabs the -> and throws it across the room*

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me: *staring at an obvious null dereference*
also me: i can't figure out what's going on here :/

i did a wrong double const_cast dedup and got an infinite loop, thanks compuller -_-

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freakin hate the freakin const and non const accessor duplication, when will this be fixed reeeeeeeeeeeee?!

third compiler bug already in this one feature I'm trying to implement -_-

seems fixed in trunk at least

what's with people and using int for bit twiddling?


static_assert(not std::is_same_v<
decltype(add1( short{1}, short{2} )),
decltype(add2( short{1}, short{2} ))

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standard doesn't say, blah blah blah... well standard should say, gcc is obviously right here by any definition of sanity, fix it already, how hard can it be?! :V

meanwhile we work around I guess -_-

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do i pin another unanswered question, or do I answer it and move on?

nevermind, my monitor wasn't at its native refresh rate, which is about 75hz, with 82hz peaks and 72hz troughs... such natural, very nativity OvO ... compared to 60hz default which came up to near constant 59.9hz at all times... absolutely artificial :<

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are there any options for graphics on x11 other than tearing or stuttering? is this why wayland is a thing?

game: has unique and interesting control scheme

gamers: nooo, the controls are not exactly the same as every other reskin of the one actual game i play, so I can't live out my power fantasies without putting any effort into it, uplayable! I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in counter-stike...

C baggage to unlearn: in-place operators return a reference to the object

if you know the answer you are better than boost

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what's the difference between

template<typename T>
auto add1(const T& a, const T& b)
{ return a + b; }


template<typename T>
auto add2(T a, const T& b)
{ return a += b; }


would you call a wrapper type, that holds a pointer to a container provides a range interface through that pointer, a range_reference or a reference_range?

hmmm... referring_range?? indirect_range???

why would you ever need aligned storage for a single object that just holds a couple of references?

the aligned storage

the class it's used with

is it some kind of "as long as it's aligned it's atomic" x86 nonsense? tempted to just nuke it all...

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