Do they not know about all the numbers between 7.25 and 15? Compromise.

@finity It's not a matter of that, look at one Senator who offered to compromise at $10. The problem? His state already has a $11 minimum wage. I'm in MO, and we're somewhere around that too. Basically the Federal government has failed so badly that the states have taken it upon themselves to solve the problem already, but that also creates a patchwork of rates, so this vote would be more for a single nationwide standard.

@Vextaur sure. Plenty of states just use the federal minimum wage though. 10 or 11 would be a significant increase in those places, and a good start.

@Vextaur I'm not attached to a $ number, but do feel there needs to be a significant increase. One measure I read said that increasing the min with inflation would have brought it to $12 by now.

Whatever number gets picked, I think it should automatically rise with inflation, permanently.

@finity From what I've been reading for years, if'n they hadn't decoupled it from inflation, it'd be in the low twenties by now. Considering how rare it is for them to increase the minimum wage, I think $15 is a good place to put it unless they're going to tie it to inflation once again, and then something like $12 would be good enough.

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