Not all automation in Binary Ninja requires a plugin. If you're using snippets (a one-click install via plugin manager), you can run the "update_example_snippets" script to get many examples:

One was just added similar to the FLARE team's "struct_typer". It searches type libraries for function names that match struct members and applies types, improving decompilation when reversing shell-code or other situations where custom structs contain pointers to known functions.

DEF CON was canceled.

After a great 25 year relationship Caesars abruptly terminated their contract with DEF CON, leaving us with no venue for DC 32, and just about seven months to Con!

We don’t know why Caesars canceled us, they won’t say beyond it being a strategy change unrelated to anything that DEF CON or our community has done. The parting is confusing, but amicable.

We immediately scrambled a venue strike team to Las Vegas. Floors were walked. Meetings were held. Hands were shook and options weighed. When the smoke cleared, the field narrowed to one obvious choice.


DEF CON 32 will still be August 8-11 2024, but now held at the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) with workshops and training at the Sahara.

We started a live FAQ section on the Forums where we will be updating as we get info. The FAQ’s here:, and DT’s full post is here:

P.S. We made shirts and stickers:

Had to look four places today for a propane tank exchange. We might get two days of freezing weather and everybody's spooked. I'm just trying to make sure I can grill some dinner tonight.

New year, all mobile browser tabs closed out.

Feeling good! 😆

Podcaster A: (paraphrase) billion dollar nasa probe almost lost due to ambiguously named signals getting misswired

Podcaster B: who do you fire in this situation?

Me: (shouting at car speakers) NO YOU FUCKING AMERICAN PSYCHOPATHS. You don’t fire people for mistakes. Go to fucking therapy. And anyway you WANT an engineer who cannot forget the time they nearly pulverized one point two billion dollars.

reading online discussions about git is always really funny because 50% of the people are like "i don't understand git" and the other 50% say “no you just have to understand git is a directed acyclic graph where branches are pointers to commits" and nobody learns anything

(the discussions we've been having on here have been going MUCH better than this and I'm very grateful for that)

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