"In this research, we explore whether is, in fact, being used to
ensure memory safety and avoid concurrency bugs"


I predict that in 50 years or so, the way we use plastics today—from clothing to cosmetics to packaging—will be viewed the same way we now think of DDT or freon

Building a web service to make personal channels for streaming devices like the Roku. Almost ready to ask people to try it... Every inch closer is satisfying.

This is the best science explainer I've seen in a while. Pretty fun.

Can any wind powered vehicle go directly downwind faster than the wind itself? Seems impossible.


Hack a Sat 2 quals was a great CTF this year - thanks guys.

Just a reminder that this absolute gem of the SNES #demoscene exists.

Catchy, visually stunning, amazing.


"Separating humans is not ok", he says, regarding a Foo concert.

Fool not concerned about separating humans who can't afford to go. Child. Just leave off the actor part.


Integration Test Toot #1

This template is used by integration toots only.

STEM stands for Science Rock, Technology Rock, Engineering Rock, Math Rock

The Black Wall Street massacre is not something that was taught in school, although it clearly has affected generations across the US. We visited last year, and what struck me was how it was all highways now. Unfortunately those highways were likely a continuation of the purposeful destruction of the community.


Just finished an episode of the "People I Mostly Admire" podcast where they talk with this author. This book seems worthwhile - it caused the host to think differently about mindfulness and application to life.
QT: bookwyrm.social/user/finity/ge

This has been a fascinating true story about election fraud in the US. Zoe Chace is fantastic at crossing political boundaries and getting good answers from anyone she talks to.


“Education is what you get when you read the fine print; experience is what you get when you don't.” - Pete Seeger, quoted by The Economist

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