Somehow, even though I've known of it for years, I never actually tried TiddlyWiki until today...

... and I'm kind of hooked on it now. It's quite different than any other tool I've used before, but it's flexibility and performance (so far at least) are rivaling anything else I've tried. And it's a simple file I can sync between devices with ease! 🤯

Just imagining the type and quantity of interactions with park rangers required before this was added to the map.

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Note: River does not flow in a circle. You will not come back around to the same place you put in.

"Your mind keeps reminding you of things when you can't do anything about them ... As soon as you tell yourself that you might need to do something, ... there's a part of you that thinks you should be doing that something all the time. Everything you've told yourself you ought to do, it thinks you should be doing right now."

-- "Getting Things Done", page 25

I experience this so often - most acutely on the weekend when I am trying to spend time with the kid and the wife but I know I need to do some other things... Writing those things down doesn't relax me in those cases - although I'd certainly be even less relaxed if I hadn't written them down on a system I trust.

"Welcome to ... "knowledge work," ... you have to think about your stuff more than you realize but not as much as you're afraid you might. ... Peter Drucker wrote: "In knowledge work ... the task is not given; it has to be determined. 'What are the expected results from this work?' is ... the key question ... There is usuall no right answer; there are choices instead." ... We're never really taught that we have to think about our work before we can do it ... Thinking in a concentrated manner to define desired outcomes and requisite next actions is something few people feel they have to do (until they have to),"

-- "Getting Things Done", page 16

This is something that really surprised me when I first started a career after college. I was surprised. I still regularly try to explain this feeling to newcomers - I typically lump it in with the personal quality of "taking initiative". It's interesting to me that here it's defined without that word - and that it's intrinsic to all knowledge work.

Needed a tutorial creating an Lambda function in using the new function URL integration. So I wrote one. It's for a basicist-of-the-basics class.

The Tiny Tiny RSS app will no longer be in the Google Play store... It seems like that'll lead to fewer users discovering it, and further slow death of RSS in general 😥

That thing where you put on your headphones so you don't have to listen to the person behind you's bullshit.

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Indianapolis airport just now: "If you just processed through checkpoint A and are missing your 🥭 (mango), please return."

Wordle 319 1/6


Skill 97/100
Luck 99/100

(I had a hint today. My friend said I better get it, so I knew it was one of my favorite things.)

Season 2 of Russian Doll builds to one hell of a crescendo. The story and storytelling was fantastic - the music in the last several episodes really sends me over the top though. Great show - and I really didn't see how a season 2 could work.

I made a list of cool things people do with their blogs:
Hopefully it'll inspire some.
More suggestions welcome!

Fedi, the great thing about posting a #drawing like this around here is that if we play "name that teletype" I'll get a correct answer in < 10 minutes, very likely from one of my #SDF comrades.

Posted this on Instagram a while ago and ... it's a different crowd over there. :)

#illustration #cartoon #unix #teletype #JurassicPark

you cannot conformantly parse email addresses with regular expressions

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