Just got my jab - it's funny how differently I think of this one from annual flu shots and the like. I've been listening to how this one works, and what it causes my cells to do, and now I'm thinking of how that is happening in me...

Time for some Indian food for lunch.

Quick afternoon project - use AWS Lambda as a way to evade outbound filtering. Not complicated - but first time I've really employed Lambda.


Death Toll from Texas’ Winter Storm Rises Sharply to 111 nyti.ms/39dXRLq

Can we haz grid that meets regulations?

Do they not know about all the numbers between 7.25 and 15? Compromise.

Looking at the Goog and AWS options I think I'm seeing everything charge for the time it's available - as a ec2 node or similar. My use cases are all very low irregular usage. And ideally it would use sql so it's not locked in to anything.

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Is there a cloud database service, especially one just using sql, that doesn't charge for the hours it's available - but only by usage?

I'm a Brazilian software developer and aspiring mechatronics engineer. I'm interested in #IoT, #EmbeddedSystems, #FLOSS, #electronics and #tech in general. My hobbies are image editing, cataloging stuff, reading (books, articles, news, essays, whatever), listening to music and podcasts, gaming, and watching movies, shows, docs, video essays, etc. I have a special interest in sci-fi and surrealist media. I also love all kinds of pets!

GoogFi gave us 2 GB free because of Texpocalypse 2021. Thanks, that doesn't hurt.

This WSJ article is wrong - it says coal and nuke would prevent this TX blackout, but some of them went offline too... Seriously drop coal. More nuke please though.


Why does the alphabet go in a specific order? The ordering of the letters isn't helpful for language.

It's a pretty useful property though.

@finity What? When? That's devastating! Does this also mean may not be the singer for the ? 🎤 🗝️

So Jackson Browne wasn't part of the Jackson 5?

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