Just did the first day of advent of code! Who know? Maybe this year I'll finally do all 25 days

Very interesting so far. Chapter two was a series of organized and insightful observations from engineering management, and while I found some specifics to disagree with I also found that every topic presented is a critical thing to think about while managing a team. In that way it provides an important reference, and I find that kind of book valuable. I had to take some notes: blog.notmet.net/2022/12/an-elegant-puzzle/

(comment on "An Elegant Puzzle")

Just doing it in this year - saves me time over doing it in Rust, and also I haven't been doing so much Python recently, so it's nice to get back to it for a bit. If I have extra time I'll probably go back and complete some in too, I'd like to build more proficiency there still, especially in the tricky algorithmic problems that come later.

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This year I started a group at work to find other folks interested in . Partly to make myself more likely to finish, partly to share the fun, and partly to try to find a community I can raise up and leverage. This isn't the only way to find the other nerds, but it may be the most fun.

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off to a good start! I don't stay up late to do them (because central time US, work and !young) but still plan to get through them this year. When work doesn't slow me down too much I do.

Just came across a thread on reddit's r/selfhosted of a newly minted admin confused and worried they could access their users' mailboxes.

Money quote:
"What is troubling me is that as a user I always assumed the content of my email messages was encrypted and hidden even to the system admin"

No wonder that people are worried about the fact that "admins can in theory read your DMs on Mastodon" when THIS is their general misunderstanding of how hosted stuff works.

I find THAT worrying.

I thought I'd replaced all of these outlets that are falling apart in our old house. Nope - missed one.

Hello. I am @maker , the admin account at handmade.social which is an instance created for handmade artisan shops & businesses in the fediverse.
I curate & share their creations so you can find & follow them more easily.
Please give me ( @maker ) a follow so you can discover and follow all the wonderful makers we have at handmade.social.

** Please also give this post a boost, if you would be so kind, so that people may more easily find me and our resident artisans **

A 1937 poster demonizing jaywalking. In the early 20th century, it became clear that the proliferation of cars was dangerous for pedestrians. In order to make city streets easier for drivers to navigate, auto companies invented the crime of "jaywalking" ("jay was slang for "fool") in order to get pedestrians out of the streets. It was successful. Soon, after streets went from being places of commerce and communication to the domain of automobiles.

#history #histodon #histodons @histodons

@finity @RabBrucesSpider1 it would also be cool if pictures could be edited to add it, or if people could propose Alt text

Pecan Pie 

I should've included an image description... This is a picture of a perfect pecan pie on a counter with a coffee mug in the background that says "accio coffee".

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I do like it here on Mastodon, but the huge influx of people from Twitter means there are far fewer image descriptions than from even a couple of weeks ago. I’d love to tell every one of them about this, but quite frankly there are so many I don’t have the patience. I’d dearly love it if apps could block posts unless an image description was added to every photo, but I suppose that’s too much to hope for. I’m feeling really excluded from so many conversations. It’s getting as bad as Twitter.

Pagan capitalist holiday festival lights: up.
Percent of lights broken since last year: 50%.
Movie on the TV: Wargames.
Drink in the mug: Irish/Kentucky Coffee. (bourbon and coffee and Kamora and cream)

Holiday feelings: 100%.

Hey I've been hearing a lot about ActivityPub could someone please tell me how it works?!?!?!?! THANKS!

Hacking isn't like watchdogs, it's more like that montage/timelapse scene in Hackers where they're just reading code and drinking soda for hours and hours.

It can be frustrating and time-consuming and a lot of it is just research, but that's part of what makes the payoff so great.

I mention this because I recently got a #FlipperZero and I was looking at the discord communities and seeing a lot of very green folks there.

Frankly, I think one of the best things about the Flipper Zero is the fact that it makes a lot of these protocols more accesible to new #Hackers and #Makers than ever before! So it's a bit disheartening to also see how many people are there looking at it as more of a 'prank' device or a gimmick to impress their friends and who seem to have no interest in actually learning anything.

Don't get me wrong, there's a LOT to learn when it comes to a device like this. I don't expect a newcomer to jump in headfirst and start programming firmware, soldering up new modules, and generating bruteforce playlists in python. I'd be happy if people were just _curious_ about some of the things they were playing around with on the flipper and picked one or two of those things to look at.

The flipper, brilliantly, stores (almost?) all the captured data in various text formats, so newcomers can capture their tap card and then see the raw data in a text file that they can easily edit and experiment with sans coding.

Luckily, I can see that even amongst this demographic that there are people who have started to dive deeper. What may have started as a desire for a shiny gadget to chase tiktok prestige is turning some of these youngsters towards the dark arts, and I think that is absolutely a new positive.

Hacking _is_ a montage. It's hours, days, months of research. It's trial and error, educated guesses, and experiments. Hacking isn't a tour, it's unguided exploration.

Sure, it can be frustrating and time-consuming, I don't think we'd want it any other way.

#Hacking #HackThePlanet #FlipperZero #Flipper

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