That thing where you put on your headphones so you don't have to listen to the person behind you's bullshit.

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Indianapolis airport just now: "If you just processed through checkpoint A and are missing your 🥭 (mango), please return."

Wordle 319 1/6


Skill 97/100
Luck 99/100

(I had a hint today. My friend said I better get it, so I knew it was one of my favorite things.)

Season 2 of Russian Doll builds to one hell of a crescendo. The story and storytelling was fantastic - the music in the last several episodes really sends me over the top though. Great show - and I really didn't see how a season 2 could work.

I made a list of cool things people do with their blogs:
Hopefully it'll inspire some.
More suggestions welcome!

Fedi, the great thing about posting a #drawing like this around here is that if we play "name that teletype" I'll get a correct answer in < 10 minutes, very likely from one of my #SDF comrades.

Posted this on Instagram a while ago and ... it's a different crowd over there. :)

#illustration #cartoon #unix #teletype #JurassicPark

you cannot conformantly parse email addresses with regular expressions

BSides SATX conference talk proposal submitted - A Log4Shell Practice Exploitation Range in the Cloud. Fingers crossed to share some cool fun stuff.

Done in Blender's Grease Pencil at Hack and Craft. The first draft was here:

This is the first 2d animation thing I've ever done. I feel pretty good about it!

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I made a current sensor to email me when a heater was not working at a remote location.

> Putin orders "peacekeeping operation" in eastern Ukraine's two breakaway regions

what do i even say

(and yes, it changes nothing, everyone knew they were already there, yet is changes everything too)

Dang. Sorry, gotta share this one. My first in only two.

247 2/6


Gotta check this out as a replacement for Adtiga. I want a music streaming platform that can feed a Subsonic protocol app from s3

@healyn you know how the web site start with www. that is web 3. there are three w, one for each web

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