It's Independence Day today in the US. It is important that we recognize today both that this country is badly screwed up, but also that it can be fixed if we commit to doing so. Those are some of the most important parts of patriotism. Celebrating your country without recognizing its flaws is not patriotic, it is nationalistic.

AMP's speed is nice, but some of the current implementation is annoying and probably hurts user security.
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Peter O'Shaughnessy

"Where am I? NYT or Google?"

I’m never not thinking about the AbstractSingletonProxyFactoryBean, which is a convenient proxy factory bean superclass for proxy factory beans that create only singletons

Requiring a backdoor for encryption won't stop any cyber-related crime. Encryption is just math. You can't put a math genie back in a bottle for a whole society.

something arrived today, definitely a holy grail for me...

a Weather Star 4000! this is the box that at one point, among other things, generated the Local on the 8s graphics for the Weather Channel

(small thread)

Unicode tables were too big. Sorry every other language.

I've got a printed ASCII table next to every hard drive I own.

That way the alien civilization that finds our remains will have at least a clue what's going on there.

No to .io, yes to .xyz

Post targeted at all the #FOSS developers out there. Choose your #tld wisely.

#deleteio #notoio

@finity I'm splitting off the generically reusable part of my physics simulation. This should allow people to plug in any Object that returns an energy and get its equilibrium statistical physics.

think of something you've tried to do or learn before and found pretty difficult, especially something from when you were younger. if you try doing or learning it now, there's a decent chance you will still struggle with it... but a surprisingly high one that it'll somehow be really easy suddenly because you've picked up some orthogonal skill or knowledge that inexplicably changed your brain to a subtly different and better brain without you noticing

My encryption article is READY. look upon my works, ye mighty, and despair:
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