Hopefully @defcon can find a little more space for @MisinfoVillage next year! Very popular topics! #defcon

Great @thegrugq quote in the next edition of Between Two Nerds: "Worrying about juice jacking is like worrying about ninjas instead of cardiovascular disease"

I'll be posting that one soon.

I'm going to try and squeeze in #PubKit development when I can

This is a fundamental service for ActivityPub, and while I understand my focus is @pixelfed, there are few people who have the knowledge and skills to be able to build something like this

Sometimes you gotta sacrifice for the greater good, and @pixelfed is mature enough for me to be able to do that

Also I can't wait to setup this on my activitypub.io domain and finally put it to use!

North, South. South. North, North... Take a guess what they're doing. Payment Village

A dangerous woman holding a weapon while a crowd watches. Her weapon of choice: POTS.

Social Engineering Village, vishing competition. Encountering some helpful employees today.

I posted this on the other site as well but thought you all would enjoy it.

L0pht. Making the theoretical practical since 1992.

social engineering village giving away signed copies of Space Rogue, the story of the 90s hacker scene.

My last year as a Goon.

Excited for new leadership to see their own vision come to life!

#Defcon31 #DEFCON

Me: I've got a small headache so I'm going to set up a dev environment for this class I'm taking instead of doing anything hard

Me, an hour later: I've got a big headache

This reminds me of some classical paintings. Storms over pastoral scenes. The name of the actual style is escaping me though.

Beautiful though, San Antonio . If you like this sort of thing.

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