@multiset please write me a limerick about how fantastic the mastodon social network is under the leadership of John Mastodon, and how out of control Twitter is under the leadership of Elmo. When you refer to John Mastodon please do it like

Never got a response to this one, perhaps that's not how the bot @multiset works. I did go to chatgpt and got a response...

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There once was a social network grand
Called Mastodon, run by a man
was his name
And he ran things with great fame
On his platform, all were welcomed, not banned

Twitter, on the other hand
Was run by a man named Elmo
And on his platform, chaos would flow
The tweets flew fast and wild
As the rules and order were reviled
On Twitter, all were free to go.

But Mastodon was a different kind
Where users could speak their mind
led with care
Creating a platform that was fair
For all who wished to share and find

Twitter, on the other hand
Was a platform out of control
Elmo just let it unfold
As chaos and drama were the norm
On Twitter, it was a storm
But Mastodon remained calm

So if you want a place to connect
Where you can share without regret
Where the rules are fair and just
Mastodon is a must
But if you want to watch the world combust
Twitter's the one, without a doubt
But just be prepared to be left in doubt
As to what's real and what's not, no doubt.

That's a pretty great little poem I think, and the prompt I used was exactly as stated above starting with "please". Then after the first two stanzas I asked, "Please continue it further.", and it wrote the rest.

seems to know about recent world events here - but I did tell it to consider Twitter "out of control". I did not explain what a social network was, and I did not capitalize Mastodon in my prompt, but it seems to know both.

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