I brewed up some of this in the Aeropress this morning, and was enjoying it so much I wanted to share. Chapolera is a small roaster and coffee shop in Idaho Falls, ID, that just makes fantastic coffee. The owner is this cool Columbian woman who has fantastic consistent taste in coffee.

Now we live in Texas but every now and then I remember to order some beans online - recently I needed some more Aeropress filters (first time needing more in like 10 yrs) and thought, "I wonder if any little roasters I like would ship me some." Chapolera.

I don't really have a palate that can tell you what this tastes like - but it's way up there with my favorite light roasts from Merit, or Brown (San Antonio roasters). These are similar to Counter Culture's Hologram if you've had that, especially the El Pilar.

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Disappointed at Redd1t for the mods killing my post there...

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