I’m “coloring” my cables so I can know what cable is each one.

If you haven’t watched The Bear yet, you should.
For me is one of the best series of this year in a lot of ways.

Today I needed my motorcycle full charged for the day, usually I hear the charger running when I wake up, but today I didn’t.

It’s not the first time I it happened to me, and sometimes I put the battery back on the motorbike and isn’t full and had to wait for it to change before going out.

So I made a helper and some scripts at my @homeassistant and put the helper status on a widget in the home screen of my smartphone. Now I know if it charged over the night or not.

In case it didn’t charge, I can charge it while I’m at the shower and having breakfast. It won’t be full, but at least with more charge that if I do everything without charging it.

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