Doesn't it bother anyone that the winning #podcasts of the recently announced #Signal Awards feature some illustrious names such as JJ Abrams, HBO Max, Trevor Noah, Netflix, Viola Davis, Al Jazeera, and ABC News?

What exactly are these awards celebrating? Big budgets?

Can we at least have a #category for truly independent #podcasters working on shoe-string budgets? Or is #podcasting also doomed to be overrun by the mainstream?

I always loved the juxtaposition of these two images and the implications behind the framing.

On the left is Boardman Tree Farm, which, sadly, no longer exists—it was clearcut for farmland. On the right is Alcobaça Monastery, Portugal.

The images offer ideas for living cathedrals in #fantasy #writing and #ttrpgs.

#ttrpg #history #architecture #nature #art
📷 prairie g8 photography & José Paulo

@hasmis It’s been a while working, but it took me the same time to know which of all the black wires was the one I needed the other day.

@hendrikboom3 this cables have several years and won’t move or be very visible, so I don’t mind if they spoil a bit.

@trinsec I know, but I hope this scrapbooking tapes don’t make a mess 😅

I’m “coloring” my cables so I can know what cable is each one.

El Halcón Milenario de LEGO ya no me parece caro 😅

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Construye barato y fácilmente tu Halcón milenario, a los 1000 primeros le regalamos una mochila. Además con tu pedido X, XX, Y, YY, y Z, te regalamos esto, los estuches para las láminas te los cobramos aparte y site suscribes por E más por cada fascículo, te regalamos la peana.

[busca el número de fascículos y el precio]




Prefiero comprarme una caja con la maqueta y dejarla en el trastero tirada media vida.

@Barredo @mastodeck no me abre la web en el trabajo por el cortafuegos :(

Pero si puedes, envía invitación 😅 please!

Starting in July, I will start training in programming.
As a WordPress user, PHP calls me, but I think I’ll learn JS/Dart/Kotling.
I have a lot of interest in Flutter and web programming.
Pero lo primero es entender la base.

I would also like to learn Python so that I can help improve Home Assistant. But first I will learn what suits me best for my professional career.

@gabriel I was going to install Mastodon on my server via Docker, but I got overwhelmed by all the fields I had to fill in, so I left it for another time.

Now, after reading this, I’m thinking that I should create a virtual machine to install it as the official documentation indicates.

Have you been typing for a while? Do this

Seen on

Ha costado (y los franceses no lo han puesto fácil), pero por fin llega la gran noticia. La Europa de los trenes se acerca a toda máquina 🤩

Sensor de ocupación de cama listo, ahora ya no tengo que ir corriendo apagando y encendiendo luces para que los fantasmas no me hagan nada.
Llego a la cama y cuando me acuesto se apagan todas las luces y se encienden las mesitas de noche, por si me apetece leer.

If you haven’t watched The Bear yet, you should.
For me is one of the best series of this year in a lot of ways.

If you need an easy way to automatically share your RSS Feeds in your Mastodon account try

#introduction #bloggers #podcast #tools #rss

@Barredo it seems buggier than Legends Arceus, where I encounter some bugs.

Which browser do you use?
Thanks for any boosts! I wanna know!

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