An Advanced SWR meter I built about a month ago. It calculates phase shift so can compute a complex impedance and complex SWR, something most meters cant do. Schematics included.

This post demonstrates V1 running (the directional coupler wasnt shielded as you can see).

@bamfic @ab3xu

@freemo I wasn't much of a hardware man. But I picked up the esp8266 and started exploring that for my domotica system. And now I've learnt how to solder properly and built several projects myself. Nice stuff.

@Ronald Soldering is an art form for sure. Too many people are sloppy when they try to solder and break everything and even if they dont it just looks ugly.

@freemo exactly. I've learnt it's not too difficult with a proper soldering iron and some basic rules. I've invested in a digital soldering station and some fine tips for the soldering iron and that pays off.

@Ronald Good tools certainly help, you can never be any better than your tools allow. Then again you can have the best tools and not know what you are doing. But sounds like your getting the hang of it. Its all about practice and knowing the tricks.

@freemo Exactly! And I'm kind of getting to like it. That helps too.

@Ronald There is an odd satisfaction to getting a perfect dot of solder on a joint that is fully coated

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