People who belive in white genocide are not by definition loving towards other races. Your talking in circles now.

@freemo I can't take anybody who talks about genocide positively or in jest as serious people.

@kenzo 100% agree. Which is why its hard to take people seriously when they throw around the term nazi anytime someone disagrees with them.

@freemo The way that term is being used now is deliberately overloaded.

@kenzo Yup, i agree. thats why its so disgusting to take such a serious term and deliberately use it to mean "I dont like you"

@freemo Each time someone throws the term out there you have to now examine the context the speaker is using it.

Is the target of the accusation WN/neoN? Exhibiting behaviors of speech? What if you substituted the label with "political-opponent" instead? Does that clarify the speakers intent?

@freemo And then there are the troll-tormentors. Mostly people who don't hold any political belief but just take joy in antagonizing, and both the pro/ant are being sophomoric in their own respects.

@kenzo The speakers intent was never in questions its usually obvious what they really mean. That doesnt change the fact that using a term which holds the history which it does the way it is being used is disgusting and disrespectful to the struggles of the jewish and other minorities who had to expiernce that. People did not die by the millions just so someone could use that word to mean "we have a slight difference in political views"

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