There was project for replacing twitter with an open source app. I was actively contributing for bug hunts and Turkish translation. This place reminded the me those good old days. We'll see how this platform evolves... Thanks @freemo

@kemal If you have any life lessons you learned from that expiernce please share.

@freemo It was a very nice and promising project at the beginning. We were using friendfeed extensively those times and discovered it via its developer. Everyone except few who jumped into wagon wantes to run their own "twitter" servers/apps, within a couple weeks there was hundreds of installations out there in the wild. It couldn't become a platform, it ecolved into a "script". Soon project lost attention and all the hype.

@kemal Ahh thats not a problem here. If you run your own server you'd still be part of the network. So it doesnt detract.

@freemo Thats the point! Thank you again. I hope the very best wishes for this elephant. πŸ€“ Cheers & All the Best!


@kemal Thanks so much. It will be fun having this adventure with you!

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